Alumni-Meeting: September 28./29, 2024

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Nach dem berufsbegleitenden Masterstudium an der Hochschule Aalen die Kunden auf Top-Niveau kompetent beraten und an das augenoptische Fachgeschäft binden: In dem 35-minütigen E-Learning-Inhalt auf der COE-Plattform (Continuing Optometric Education-Plattform) zeigt der Aalener Masterabsolvent Georg Scheuerer, wie viel Freude die Ausübung des Berufes macht, wenn man seinen Kund:innen eine fachlich kompetente Beratung als Augenoptiker/Optometrist anbieten kann. Diese und viele weitere in der täglichen Praxis zunehmende Kompetenzen erlernen Sie in dem zweijährigen berufsbegleitenden Masterstudium an der Hochschule Aalen.

We are 60!…ganz im Sinne des römischen Dichters Ovid feiert die Augenoptik an der Hochschule Aalen ein stolzes Jubiläum.

Mo, 28. November 2022 On Friday, the 11th November 2022 at 11:11 a.m. started the big celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Dipl.-Ing. (FH)/Bachelor degree in Optometry and 20 years of the Master degree in Vision Science and Business (Optometry) at Aalen University. As part of this anniversary, a great symposium about the future of optometry took place in the main auditorium of Aalen University. Numerous top-class speakers from many different sub-areas of optometry appeared, as well as a large number of graduates and current students.
Fr, 25. November 2022

Congratulations to all of our graduates this year! Our former students have had a few semesters with many smaller and larger challenges, but thanks to great personal commitment and driven by the constant motivation to bring their own knowledge to a new level, all tasks and teaching content have been mastered brilliantly. Their own repertoire has been continuously growing with new skills expanded and already existing knowledge got intensified. Our new Master graduates are now well prepared for the wide range of jobs in optometry and we wish all graduates all the best for the time after their studies! We are very proud of you!


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