Aalen University of Applied Sciences - not just at the top of the alphabet

As a regional university, Aalen UAS educates the highly qualified specialists who are crucial to local companies. An important aspect is that the study programmes are tailored to the requirements and trends of the region.

From digital networking, health, and e-mobility to renewable energies, photonics or robotics – we care about future technologies. For many years, Aalen UAS has been one of the most research-extensive universities of applied sciences in Germany. Researcher teams contribute to areas such as IT security and biomedicine for cancer research, study super magnets to extend the service life of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars, work on resource-oriented energy concepts and forward autonomous driving and industry 4.0.

Aalen UAS is constantly strengthening its top position in teaching as well. It ranks first in economics and third in mechanical engineering in Germany (out of 102 universities of applied sciences). With around 4.500 students, Aalen UAS is one of the larger universities of applied sciences in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. The former engineering school is now a globally- and practice-oriented university boasting five faculties. Over 70 Bachelor and Master programmes guarantee scientifically sound and practice-oriented education.

Aalen UAS is located in the East Württemberg, a region that is known for its excellent innovative spirit even beyond its borders. For over more than 60 years, the university has been a personal and reliable partner for its students, professors, staff, the city of Aalen, the region, the economy, associations and more than 100 cooperation partners worldwide.

Education and innovation are two highly important elements of the university’s identity. As a modern education institution, Aalen UAS examines the requirements of an ever changing region and adjusts its programme range to current scientific findings and establishes future-oriented focus areas. We offer rare programmes that are seldom offered at other German universities: Optoelectronics/Laser Technology, Plastics Engineering, Surface and Material Sciences, Technical Editing, IT Security, Optometry and Audiology.

We also set high standards in adult education: the Graduate Campus of Aalen UAS is a state pilot project, which has been founded in 2009 and enables master craftsmen and technicians to study at university.

Aalen UAS stands out due to its casual atmosphere and small-group lectures. International cooperation with around 100 partner universities and companies all over the world provide multiple options for internships during the practical semester and semesters abroad.

About Aalen University of Applied Science

Ten percent of the overall student population at Aalen University of Applied Sciences consists of international students coming from more than 60 different countries. Aalen University of Applied Sciences is a modern university where academic excellence in both teaching and research is a standard not to be compromised. This fact is confirmed by the numerous technology transfer centers of the institution, the library, which is very well stocked in the engineering sciences, for instance, and the scientific facilities which are modernly equipped at the very edge of technology.

A variety of opportunities is available for you to choose from. Founded in 1963 as a state engineering school and transformed into a university of applied sciences in 1971, Aalen University of Applied Sciences currently hosts 5.700 students studying in the university's five faculties, which are Chemistry, Electronics & Computing Science, Management & Business Sciences, Mechanical Engineering & Materials Technologies and Optics & Mechatronics.

Students are taught by about 150 professors. In addition to the academic staff, there are another 350 personnel plus a considerable number of student services units, all providing services to allow for an ideal study environment. A further 150 part-time lecturers coming from private companies (managers, engineers etc.) teach on special subjects, supplying a perfect link between theory and practice.

Being fully aware of the importance of your decision about where to study, the university management invites you to navigate through this website. We can ensure you that we will do our best to make your studies as productive, rewarding and enjoyable as possible. Aalen University's motivation for internationalization is firmly rooted in its mission and educational policy. Therefore, an increasing part of the newly instituted curricula contains international aspects. Aalen University firmly believes that contact between people from different nations promotes mutual understanding, cultural and business relationships and friendship.

Aalen University is member of the European Association of Universities (EUA), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) and cooperates with more than 100 partner universities world-wide. Aalen University deals with leading edge themes in applied research, whether digital networking, health, electro-mobility, renewable energies, photonics or robotics are concerned. Since many years Aalen University is one of the strongest universities of applied sciences with respect to applied research in Germany. Research teams are for example contributing to IT security, biomedical topics related to cancer research; supra magnets to prolong the lifecycle of lithium ion batteries in electro-vehicles, resources based energy concepts, autonomous drive, and industry 4.0.

The main characteristic of universities of applied sciences ("Hochschulen") like Aalen University of Applied Sciences is that they relate theoretical knowledge to practical experience outside of the academic environment. Professors at universities of applied sciences have a strong industrial background and are thus in a position to provide students with excellent links to companies.

All laboratory research projects emphasize the application of theoretical knowledge to concrete problems. The curriculum is highly structured and students - who work in small groups - have to take regularly scheduled examinations throughout the semesters. A study course at Aalen University of Applied Sciences for the Bachelor degree requires seven semesters. Three to four semesters are required for a Master degree.

Universities of applied sciences are very popular among students, in part because they give students numerous opportunities to combine their studies with practical experience in the real world of business. The transition from the academic to the working world is very smooth, as students are immediately operational. Today in Germany, more than 60% of all engineers and about 50% of all business and management graduates come from universities of applied sciences.