Impressions and competences

Visual Functions Laboratory

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  • Fundus cameras
  • OCT
  • Anomalskop
  • Autorefractometer
  • Nyktometer
  • etc.


The knowledge imparted in the face-to-face courses of the modules Ocular Disease, Clinical Optometry, Low Vision, Vision Therapy and Binocular Vision as well as Pediatric Optometry is applied in the practical courses accompanying the lectures in the Visual Functions Laboratory.

In the laboratory for visual functions, the Master's students deepen their knowledge in the use of instruments for diagnosing diseases of the posterior segment of the eye such as fundus camera or optical coherence tomography.

Contact Lens fitting Laboratory

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  • Slitlamps
  • Keratographs
  • Ophthalmometer
  • Ophthalmoscopic
  • Gonioscopy lenses
  • Goldmann tonometer
  • etc.

In the Contact Lens Fitting Laboratory, students apply their knowledge of normal changes and abnormal findings in the anterior and posterior segment of the eye.
Using various diagnostic instruments such as Goldmann tonometers, gonioscopy lenses and ophthalmoscopy magnifiers, students can, for example, identify and assess damage to the optic nerve.
Also manifestations of the dry eye and disturbances of the tear apparatus as well as frequent uveal skin diseases, diseases of the macula, vitreous body changes and disturbances, retinal and choroidal lesions, peripheral retinal changes and diseases are professionally evaluated

Refraction Laboratory

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  • Eleven modern phoropter testing stations
  • Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes
  • Direct ophthalmoscopes
  • Retinoscopes
  • Equipment for Vision Therapy, Binocular Vision and Pediatric Optometry
  • etc.


The students interpret in the laboratory for refraction determination functional processes of accommodation, vergence and eye movements. For the analysis of visuomotor skills, students apply psychophysical measuring principles.

Unique examination and evaluation techniques of children's optometry are demonstrated and practiced here.

Instruments used in this laboratory include instruments for assessing the posterior segment of the eye, such as the direct ophthalmoscope and the indirect binocular ophthalmoscope.



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Dean of Studies:
Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl