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Katharina Breher

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Why the Master's Degree M.Sc. Vision Science and Business (Optometry)?

The M.Sc. Vision Science and Business combines two essential aspects: on one hand, it is a part-time program, which makes it possible to reconcile theory and practice or study and professional experience. On the other hand, important topics for the future of the German Optometry are taught, such as professional medical knowledge, which complements and completes the previous eye examination of an traditional optician.

As an optometrist in an eye clinic / laser center, the master's degree offers me the perfect theoretical basis for optimal work with doctors. It expands far beyond the optical activities and requires corresponding ophthalmological knowledge and skills. The monthly events ideally complement the know-how to ensure an ideal patient care.

In summary, I have decided to do the M.Sc. Vision Science and Business (Optometry) because this is an important and necessary interface between ophthalmology and optics, from which three parties benefit at once: optometrists, ophthalmologists and, last but not least, patients.


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Dean of Studies:
Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl