Course Overview

Final DegreeMaster of Science
Application periodWinter term: - - 15. Januar


Accreditation certificate
Postgradual Study (Master)Yes
Part-Time ProgrammYes
Consecutive Degree ProgrammeNo
Vacant University Places (chosen by the lot)No
Pre-study Internship RequiredNo
Administration FeesThe tuition fee amounts € 19,990 (including both electives in USA). The fees are paid in four instalments: 1st payment on acceptance to the program: € 5,000, 2nd payment: 1st of April in 2nd semester: € 5,000, 3rd payment: 1st of October in 3rd semester: € 5,000, 4th payment: 1st April in 4th semester: € 4,990. In addition, a semester fee of € 154 is due at the start of each semester.
Examination Rules and Regulations


Unique program that allows full time practitioners, researchers and/or educators to study on a part-time basis at Aalen University. The degree program of optometry offers: 

• part-time study allowing one to practice/work full time 

• wide range of specialty topics in optometry 

• clinically orientated courses with hands-on practical training in a laboratory setting 

• options for choosing and combining course modules 

• knowledge that can be applied to everyday practice 

• opportunity to complete a master thesis with guidance from experts in the field from Europe and US 

• interactive learning via blended-learning (classroom teaching and online video courses) 

• summer elective programs in the US 

• career network and practice-oriented exchange of experience with the leading optometrists in the German-speaking area

»Excellence in Vision Care«

Mission Statement
To provide and serve the public health needs by
enhancing the knowledge of Optometrists to the highest
level related to the visual system, ocular health in
„best practice“ and business.

Vision Statement
Leadership in providing education
in the Optometric profession.

• Professionalism and Integrity
• Compassion and ethical behaviour
• Enhancing communication skills
• Compassion for the welfare of the community
• Working with inter and intra professionals
• Mutual respect

At Downloads you can find the Module Description and Study and Examination Regulations.

The following admission requirements have to be presented in order to be accepted to the Master’s program ”M.Sc. in Vision Science and Business (Optometry)“ at Aalen University: Bachelor degree in Optometry or Ophthalmic Optics.

Our graduates will acquire in depth knowledge and deeper understanding in Optometry. The degree will provide one with 

• an expertise in a sub-specialty area of optometry such as vision therapy, sports vision etc. 

• the foundation and facilitates an individual to pursue higher levels of learning such as a PhD degree, Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree etc. 

• leadership skills in the optometric profession 

• competence to deliver superior patient care.


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Dean of Studies:
Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl