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Welcome to the Faculty Electronics & Computer Science! 

The latest buzzword in society and economy is digitalisation: Everybody talks about the digitalisation of society, the digitalisation in manufacturing/industry 4.0 and digital business models. At this point, a smart phone interface is a stronger selling point for a car than a turbo charger or a motor boasting four-valve technology.

This digitalisation of everything is mainly based on two technical fields:

  • More and more every-day products – from high-quality to low-cost are equipped with mini- and microcomputers - also known as embedded systems.
  • These embedded systems execute programs which generate, process and  transfer data. Data that is then received and further processed by other computers.

The Faculty Electronics & Computer Science offers studies in both embedded systems and data processing. And a lot more! If it wasn’t for the software installed on servers and terminals (from desktop computers and smart phones to smart watches), the large web servers of social networks couldn't fulfil the requests. These large systems require programming just as microcomputers in embedded systems.

Another issue we are dedicated to at the Faculty Electronics & Computer Science is the energy transition. This transition is mainly based on electrical power, which makes electrical engineering play a crucial part in this social, economic and technical change. Power-to-gas, renewable energies and electric drives are mere a few examples of future technologies that will keep the world going around.

Our bachelor programmes Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Internet of Things and our two master programmes Computer Science and Advanced Systems Design enable our students to acquire skills to target these future challenges and to actively shape the future of our society.

Since the fields of electronical engineering and computer science evolved into broad science fields with highly specialised , we offer various courses with or without specialisations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Aalen University!

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