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In the International Center we coordinate the international activities of Aalen University in order to strengthen the international character on campus.  We are responsible for the intercultural, lingual, and regional development of students and staff, as well as the approval of internationally recognised language tests.  We foster the integration of international students and graduates in the university, society, and working world. The International Center is made up of the following organisations:


For Democracy and CosmopolitanismStatement of Aalen University of Applied Sciences

Teaching and research at Aalen University thrive on bringing together a wide variety of people. Foto: rawpixel.com via freepik.com

Th, 01. February 2024 As Aalen University of Applied Sciences, we are increasingly concerned about the growing anti-democratic sentiment and the rise of racist ideas in some parts of our society. As a university, we are an educational and research institution: our teaching and research thrive on the coming together of different international perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Our multicultural community contributes significantly to the success of our work.

Paths to a Doctorate The Research Academy offers further education opportunities for young scientists at Aalen University of Applied Sciences.

Doctoral students like Max-Jonathan Kleefoot benefit from the individual advice that the Research Academy offers in addition to the continuing education program and networking opportunities. Aalen University | Jan Walford

Mo, 29. January 2024 As one of the strongest research universities in Germany, Aalen University has a large number of scientific staff – of which many are striving for a doctorate. They come from very different fields such as battery research, business psychology, bioanalytical chemistry or machine learning. In order to meet the needs of such diverse researchers, the Research Academy was founded in 2021 as part of the „WINPROFSHIP“ project in the federal-state program „FH-Personal“. Their duties: to establish a central contact point for the promotion of early career researchers. But how do you build a broad-based offering – and how does such a program look like?

The DAAD award winner Liu Hang (center) with Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Anja Dieckmann and Prof. Dr. Joachim Albrecht. Photo: © International Center Aalen University

Th, 07. Dezember 2023 Three student prizes have now been awarded at Aalen University as part of the annual international celebration. Around 100 guests – students, professors, employees and external guests – took part in the award ceremony.

South Africa up closeExchange students presented their country at Aalen University

South African exchange students presented their country during the “International Evening highlighting South Africa” event. Photo: Tlholo Melamu

We, 22. November 2023 Recently, exchange students from South Africa presented their country, their traditions and their history during the “International Evening highlighting South Africa” event. The event was rounded off with culinary delicacies from South Africa as well as singing and dancing performances.

How moondust becomes paving stones and roadsProf. Dr. Miranda Fateri from Aalen University is part of the research team of a project led by the European Space Agency

Prof. Dr. Miranda Fateri from Aalen University is part of a research team that is researching the construction of lunar roads from moon dust. © Aalen University | Sebastian Uhl

Tu, 31. October 2023 Dust is quite a nuisance. But on the moon it poses very special problems for the astronauts. Because the moon dust doesn't have much in common with the earth's fluff or dust: it is sharp-edged, fine and sticks like glue. Therefore, it can damage machines, devices and equipment. With the help of powerful laser beams, a research team including Prof. Dr. Miranda Fateri from Aalen University wants to turn dust into stone on the moon.

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