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In the International Center we coordinate the international activities of Aalen University in order to strengthen the international character on campus.  We are responsible for the intercultural, lingual, and regional development of students and staff, as well as the approval of internationally recognised language tests.  We foster the integration of international students and graduates in the university, society, and working world. The International Center is made up of the following organisations:


Collaboration with South Africa: Momentum for the Next 20 YearsAalen University receives delegation from the Central University of Technology

A delegation from the South-African Central University of Technology on a visit to Aalen University. Photo: International Relations Office

Tu, 13. September 2022 A delegation from long-time partner University the Central University of Technology (CUT) in South Africa has just visited Aalen University in an effort to promote and strengthen cooperation between the two institutions. The delegation arrived with four deans, senior director of the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, and the vice director of the Center of Global Engagement.

Tiny, but Mighty, and above all, International15 master’s students from seven countries start their new academic year at Aalen University

Tiny but mighty: and above all, international start of a new academic year. Students and faculty from the part-time master’s program Vision Science and Business (Optometry). Photo: © Aalen University | Daniel Andres

We, 10. August 2022 At the end of July, the master's program Vision Science and Business (Optometry) started a new academic year for the 21st time at Aalen University. Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl was pleased to welcome the new students and once again emphasized the international and, above all, professional competence of this part-time optometry program at Aalen University.

From Aachen to AalenDishant Kavathia takes on his master’s studies at Aalen University

Dishant Kavathia, born in India, left RWTH Aachen and has been a student at Aalen University since spring 2022. Photo: SmartPro

Mo, 08. August 2022 Since the Summer semester 2022, the master's program "Advanced Materials and Manufacturing" at Aalen University has a new Indian student named Dishant Kavathia. Motivated by a career fair that Aalen University participated in, he moved from the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technical University Aachen (RWTH Aachen), one of the most renowned universities for technical courses of study, to Aalen University in the Ostalb.

International Conference on Digitalization in MicroscopyThe fourth Aalen Materials Microscopy Day at Aalen University was dedicated to the exchange between research and industry

The speakers at the fourth Aalen Materials Microscopy Day (from left to right): Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider, Matias Volman Stern, Patrick Krawczyk, Andreas Jansche, Dr. Matt Andrew, Prof. Dr. Rich Johnston as well as Amit Kumar Choudhary and Dr. Timo Bernthaler. Photo: Julian Schurr

Mo, 18. July 2022 Digitalization is ever-present. It also offers immense potential to microscopy, which was addressed by around 90 experts from industry and research at the fourth Aalen Materials Microscopy Day in the auditorium of Aalen University. The host of the conference was the Institute for Materials Research at Aalen University (IMFAA). In technical presentations and discussion sessions, participants exchanged ideas on the latest findings and methods in digital microscopy with a special focus on electromobility, renewable energies and microelectronics.

With Giant Steps towards Doctorate Awarding CertificationAalen University joins the new Baden-Württemberg Doctorate Association

Starting this fall, Aalen University Professors with extensive research experience in their field will be able to independently lead research assistants in pursuing a Doctorate degree. Photo: Aalen University | Christian Frumolt.

Fr, 15. July 2022 A big step has been taken on the way to receiving the right to award doctorate degrees at universities of applied sciences; The Baden-Württemberg Doctoral Association was founded on Thursday, July 14th, after the meeting of its constituents. Members of the Doctoral Association include 21 state universities of applied sciences as well as 3 universities run by the church. With this, the foundation has been laid for an independent doctoral awarding program of universities of applied sciences in Baden-Württemberg. “We want to offer another opportunity for further qualification to research-savvy graduate students,” Minister for Science Theresia Bauer commented. Professors proven effective in their research will be able to independently lead graduates through a doctorate program starting this fall.