International Opportunities for Staff and Professors

Upcoming dates:
  • 07.11.2023 09:45-12:45 LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop about Teamwork (Gartenstr. 135, Room 115)
  • 15.11.2023 09:45-12:45 LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Workshop about Teamwork (Room 202)
  • 04.10-20.12.23 17:00-20:15: German as a Foreign Language Course B2.2 for international staff (Room 211)

International Campus & the Continuing Professional Training Program Intercultural Competence

"Aalen University of Applied Sciences stands together for diversity, cultural variety, tolerance, respect, and responsibility. In doing so, we strengthen our regional roots while promoting international collaboration and global networking," as stated in the university’s Internationalization Strategy 2022-2032, which was adopted by the Senate.

This strategy also includes the initiative to infuse the campus with a multicultural flair.

To collectively shape this international campus, the university invites all staff and faculty members to acquire intercultural competences through the Continuing Professional Training Program Intercultural Competence.

The goal of the program is to strengthen the international spirit of the university and thereby further promote the culture of welcoming foreign guests and supporting mobile students.

The seminars and trainings are particularly targeted towards administrative and academic staff, as well as faculty members who have contact with international students and guests at the university or are involved in student mobility. The structured continuing education program covers two target-group-oriented learning paths that primarily focus on the following activities:

  • Teaching, communicating, and presenting internationally
  • Providing intercultural advice and communication.

The Benefits of the Program

An international mindset and intercultural competences are increasingly important in a global world. What are the benefits of participation?


Successful completion of four modules from at least two of the three main categories entitles participants to a certificate in global competences.

Gaining Experience

Transcultural encounters and international exchanges are possible on our campus. The joy and adeptness in interacting with people from other cultures in a professional context are enhanced.

Funded Stays Abroad

Personal experiences abroad at European universities are financially supported through Erasmus+.

Components of the Continuing Training Program

Each semester, new seminars are offered in three different main categories: "Intercultural Training", "Language Training", and "Practical Experience".

Below you will find further information and contacts for each module of the continuing training program.

Expand your global competences! The module is divided into the areas of mentality, know-how and competencies and also includes didactic support for teachers on the topic of virtual exchange.
The intercultural trainings for staff and professors have been developed internally within the university in the International Center over the past years and are regularly offered by external trainers. Current dates can be found at the top of the website.

In addition, you can register for seminars on intercultural competence or other international topics via the International DAAD Academy (iDA) for a fee:

As a member of the university, you can use the self-learning training Speexx for free with your Canvas access. The online courses can be completed flexibly at any time and from anywhere. Learn the languages English, German, Spanish, French, or Italian at your proficiency level. Improve your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and listening comprehension.

Click here to go to the Language Center's Canvas course, in which Speexx is embedded.

Here you can find a demo video of Speexx.

Contact: Director Language Center

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) offers numerous language courses (in German)  for various target groups within the university staff, which you can book for a fee.

The DAAD has also published a vocabulary list containing terms related to "Science and Higher Education".

As part of the continuing education program, English conversation sessions are regularly conducted at the university for staff members.

The Language Center at Aalen University offers Open Language Courses, which are mainly aimed at local students.

For international staff members: If you are interested in German as a Foreign Language courses with our international students, please contact:

Teaching and Professional Development Abroad with the ERASMUS+ Program

The Erasmus program enables researchers, educators, and staff members of Aalen University to have stays abroad in European countries. Teaching assignments and professional continuing education programs are funded under this program.

Aalen University aims to make teaching and research more international. Through ERASMUS+ teaching and professional continuing education programs, researchers, for instance, can gain teaching experience at European partner universities, exchange methods and content with international colleagues, and bring back valuable insights to their home institution.

Staff training programs typically last from two to five days. Aalen University is committed to providing opportunities for academic and non-academic staff to have professional continuing training abroad as part of its internationalization strategy.

If you are interested in teaching, conducting research, or participating in professional development abroad, you can apply for ERASMUS+ funding. Possible destinations for stays abroad include ERASMUS partner universities of Aalen University as well as other European universities participating in the ERASMUS+ program.

There are two types of Erasmus+ staff mobilities: for teaching (STA) and for training activities (STT). For Erasmus+ staff training activities (STT), you can find offers on the following website. "Teaching Staff Mobilities" (STA) are usually agreed upon directly at the professional level between partners. Applications are ongoing.

If you find a suitable Staff Week for training purposes, or if you arrange an individual mobility measure (such as job shadowing) with a partner university, or if you agree on a teaching mobility measure (STA), then you must subsequently register with us at the International Relations Office. After registration, you will receive instructions for the next steps (e.g., you will need to obtain approval from your superiors for the necessary travel request).

The financial support for Erasmus mobilities for teaching purposes or for training and further education is based on the different cost of living in the destination countries. German universities offer uniform daily rates for the funding. Please contact us for more information (see below) or see German version of this website.

Support for Students and University Staff with Disabilities in the Erasmus+ Program: Inclusion and equal opportunities for potential beneficiaries are central concerns in the Erasmus+ program. Students and university staff with disabilities have the opportunity to receive additional funding to cover the extra costs related to their study or work abroad.

Equal Treatment and Equal Opportunities: By signing the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), each higher education institution commits to providing all beneficiaries with equal access and equivalent opportunities.

Director International Relations Office

In addition to the above-mentioned Erasmus+ programs, there may be other funding opportunities available for stays abroad. The DAAD scholarship database provides an overview and filtering options for these opportunities.

  • Congress and conference trips abroad can be individually applied for at the DAAD.
  • For a "Blended Intensive Program" (BIP), an application can be submitted once a year under Erasmus+ to finance a short stay as part of an internationally jointly designed teaching event.
  • ...

Projectmanager Family Program

In the flyer below, you will find support services for international guest researchers, visiting scholars, and doctoral candidates at Aalen University, along with an online registration form.

We encourage you to share your international experiences or your motivation for engaging with international topics:

  • Participate in the presentation series "Experience Abroad" during the General Studies program and share your own experiences of studying abroad.
  • Contribute to the annual International Week at the university.
  • Get involved in the Intercultural Club of the university.

All international events on the campus can be found in the Canvas course "International Center Calendar."

Upcoming events are also promoted on the social media channel AAISN (Aalen International Student Network). Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Students can find information about studying abroad and internships abroad on the International Relations Office website. The advisors Nichola Adams and Carola Wirth are happy to answer questions at and On Thursday mornings, they offer open advising hours via Zoom and are willing to give a short presentation in your lecture.

To prepare for a stay abroad, there are intercultural trainings and application trainings in English in the Studium Generale program.

Students can also take the Language Center's Open Language Courses or acquiere a language certificate.


Successful participation in four modules from at least two of the three main categories ("Intercultural Training," "Language Training," and "Practical Experience") qualifies for a certificate in global competencies. When requesting the "Global Competencies" certificate, please list the attended modules from the table below, along with their dates, and any other completed modules, in an email to

Participation in the trainings counts as working time if the professional development aligns with the official interests. Please inform your supervisor accordingly.

Find list of all dates so far here.

The continuing education program "Intercultural Competences" is coordinated and funded by the third-party project "INTENSE," which is part of the BMBF funded program line HAW.International of the DAAD.

For any questions and suggestions regarding the trainings, please feel free to contact the project team at the International Center via


Katrin Zinser

Additional Contacts at Aalen University:

Employees and professors of Aalen University of Applied Sciences, please use the registration form to sign up for the training sessions.

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