The Gender Equality Representative advises students, academic staff and teachers on the following topics:

  • Gender equality questions
  • Gender-sensitive teachings and language
  • Promotion of young women
  • Career management
  • Compatibility of family and work
  • Changes of first name and gender designation as recorded in university system

Diversity makes us stronger

The Gender Equality Representative of Aalen UAS has the following responsibilities:

  • Support the university in the implementation of equality concepts
  • Spread and establish gender equality objectives at all faculties
  • Participate in appeal hearings
  • Supporting female students by actively reaching out to them for student assistant vacancies, scholarships, doctorates and teaching assignments.
  • Initialise measures to support young women in study programmes that lack male-female balance.
  • Supporting the compatibility of family/care and university/work/adult education for students and teachers.
  • Support in establishing a child-friendly university by creating kids corners and child-friendly bathrooms on the university premises.
  • Regular information on gender-sensitive teachings
  • Participate in the State Conference for women’s and gender equality representatives (“Landeskonferenz der Frauen und Gleichstellungsbeauftragten an baden-württembergischen Hochschulen”)
Logo: Prädikat Familienbewusstes Unternehmen

Certificate Family-Friendly Enterprise

Aalen University successfully participated in the certification process “family-friendly enterprise”. The evaluation included self-evaluation and external evaluation of ten different aspects:

  • Leadership skills
  • HR development
  • Working hours
  • Work organisation
  • Work place
  • Employee benefits
  • Communication
  • Services for families
  • Health
  • Civic engagement

Child care

In September 2010, the children's day care center “Einsteinchen” opened its gates. Children (aged 8 weeks to 3 years) of students, staff and professors of Aalen UAS can be cared for here. The day care center offers all-day care for ten children. In addition to that, parents can take their children to a city-run day care center near the university. This center offers all-day care for five children annually.

Day Care Center Einsteinchen (Kindertagesstätte Einsteinchen)

Kids corners

Aalen UAS provides nursing rooms for female students and staff for undisturbed nursing. Room 073 and 074 on Campus Beethovenstraße have been joined to create a nursing room. Furthermore, a baby change unit was installed in room 118.

For further information: Studying with kids


The on-campus refectory, which is run by the Student Service Ulm, is equipped with high chairs, has a barrier-free access and offers free lunch to students’ children aged 10 and below.

Toy Box

To keep children of staff and professors busy, a toy box can be borrowed at room 204.

Family-friendly working hours and care-dependent relatives

Professors who are caregivers for a relative at home, additional assistants can be employed. The individual situation of the professors is taken into account when scheduling the lectures as well.

The exhibition for more women in STEM jobs

STEM - Your future, your chance!

Ever more women already acquire high-level qualification for technical and scientific jobs during their school time. They are educated better than ever before and show great interest in technology and natural sciences. Still, many women underestimate their talents and don’t trust themselves to study a STEM programme. There is no reason for doubt - this is exemplified by female students and graduates of Aalen UAS in the exhibition “STEM - Your future, your chance”.

The exhibition

The exhibition portrays 12 young students and graduates of Aalen UAS and thus shows professionals with STEM degrees as well as their many education and job opportunities and career prospects.

Our goal

The exhibition is aimed to bolster and awake interest in degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - that is STEM degrees.

Our goal is to excite women for STEM jobs, to explore their potential and for them to think themselves capable of working in a STEM job.

Due to the skills shortage, the potential of female professional is tapped and the corresponding conditions are created.

The target group

  • Educational institutions (schools, universities of applied sciences)
  • Promotional institutions
  • Companies
  • Public institutions

Want to borrow the exhibition?

The exhibition includes 13 roll-up banners depicting students and graduates from Aalen UAS which present their STEM jobs:

  • Measurements: 1 m x 2 m
  • Installation by borrower
  • Borrowing period: upon agreement
  • You can borrow the roll-up banners individually.

You want to excite young women for STEM jobs? Then present our role models from Aalen UAS with our exhibition “STEM - Your future, your chance”.

If you’re interested, contact us at

Please make sure to contact us early (around 4 weeks before exhibition opening) to ensure that the exhibition is available.

KarMen - Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme matches female students from Aalen UAS with an male or female manager. The mentor supports the female student by sharing their experiences and advising her. The programme aims to further develop the personality and skills of female students as well as support their professional career. The method of mentoring is to pass on experience of career paths, expectations in professional life, and chances and barriers when it comes to the compatibility of work and family life.

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MINT Coaching

MINT Coaching is a tutoring programme for pupils of secondary schools. It prepares pupils for the secondary-school-leaving certificate examination in scientific subjects. University students help pupils to solve difficult exercises and motive them, to thoroughly understand the subject matter and help to develop an efficient individual learning method.

Find more info at:

MINT Coaching

Mathilde Planck Lectureship Programme

The Mathilde Plank Lectureship Programme aims for increasing the number of female professors by allocating teaching assignments to female academics. This helps building up teaching experience and establishing a connection with the university. Acquiring these skills later on fulfil job requirements such as “pedagogic-didactic skills” and therefore enable future career opportunities. Are you interested in teaching at Aalen UAS? Please contact our Gender Equality Representative.

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State Ministry for Science, Research and Art (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst)