Aalen University Newsletter for International Partners

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Greetings from Aalen University’s International Center!

As a successor of the limes international magazine for international partners, students and parents, we are happy to present today a new format: the Aalen University International Newsletter.

It contains the latest news of relevance to our international readership as well as the information related to our international, English taught programs and to application procedures.

The Aalen University team, together with the team of its International Center (picture on the top) wish a pleasant reading, hoping that the information provided will be another source of inspiration for further cooperation activities between our institutions.

Kind regards,

Pascal Cromm

Director International Relations

English Taught Lectures at Aalen University

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We have an exciting selection of English Taught Lectures in many areas, including Digitization & Data Science, Finance Accounting Controlling & Taxation; Future Materials, General Management & Business Tranformation, Industrial & Sustainable Management, Lightweight Design & Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, Optoelectronics Photonics & Laser Technology, STEM, & Vision Science.  

» Download the new brochure

Application Procedure

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We are now welcoming applications from your students nominated for exchange studies at Aalen University for the Autumn Semester 2019 and full academic year (Autumn 2019 + Spring 2020).

The application period is from November 1st to November 30th 2019, and we expect to receive all the online applications by November 30th 2019. Please note that the deadline is strict especially for the non-EU applicants who need to apply for a visa or a residence permit, because the process takes time.

» Nomination & Application Instructions

» Contact for Nominations : aaa@hs-aalen.de


The International Center honors StudentsAalen University gave out prizes for exceptional engagement

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Michelle Loicka Kounga, Bachelor student in Electrical Engineering, received the DAAD-Prize.

Tu, 22. Dezember 2020 International success even in Corona times: at Aalen University, three students received honors for their exceptional engagement. Around 60 students, faculty members as well as professors participated in the International Center’s online event and made the prize ceremony something special, despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Online Guest Lecture at Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL) with a View of the COVID-19 PandemicAalen University’s international exchange with partner universities in the pandemic situation

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Prof. Dr. Härting holds a guest lecture for students of OUEL in Japan.

Tu, 24. November 2020 An international exchange between students and teachers cannot currently take place under the difficult conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. But cooperation between partner universities still requires continuous care. Online lectures at Aalen University are a current proven opportunity for communications, which are offered especially for international students at partner universities. In the framework of the cooperation with the OUEL in Japan, Prof. Dr. Ralf-Christian Härting held one of these guest lectures for Japanese students.

The Green Light for Aalen UniversityCutting edge laser source for electromobility and 3D-printing

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The first tests with the new laser system done by doctoral candidate Markus Hofele

Tu, 20. October 2020 At the Laser Application Centre of Aalen University, further construction of the equipment fleet and the associated opportunities push forward. Already in this year, research equipment valuing nearly 2 million Euros have been put to work. The newest addition is a high-powered laser system with green wavelengths. With these wavelengths, reflective metals like copper can also be processed, compared to conventional infrared lasers. This opens opportunities to investigate new research questions in the area of electromobility and additive manufacturing, together with regional companies.

A Wearable RobotExoskelett at Aalen University should ease physical work

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The development of the shoulder piece must ensure that mobility is not restricted while working.

Fr, 18. September 2020 A wearable robot, attached to the body? It may sound like science fiction, but has already been enthusiastically applied in production. Because the so-called Exoskelett helps ease heavy loads and prevents posture problems that can occur with heavy physical labour. A research team at the robotics laboratory at Aalen University is working on the Exoskelett LeviAktor, which helps relieve physical strain with the help of motorized arms and shoulders.