Aalen University Newsletter for International Partners

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Greetings from Aalen University’s International Center!

As a successor of the limes international magazine for international partners, students and parents, we are happy to present today a new format: the Aalen University International Newsletter.

It contains the latest news of relevance to our international readership as well as the information related to our international, English taught programs and to application procedures.

The Aalen University team, together with the team of its International Center (picture on the top) wish a pleasant reading, hoping that the information provided will be another source of inspiration for further cooperation activities between our institutions.

Kind regards,

Pascal Cromm

Director International Relations

English Taught Lectures at Aalen University

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We have an exciting selection of English Taught Lectures in many areas, including Digitization & Data Science, Finance Accounting Controlling & Taxation; Future Materials, General Management & Business Tranformation, Industrial & Sustainable Management, Lightweight Design & Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, Optoelectronics Photonics & Laser Technology, STEM, & Vision Science.  

» Download the new brochure

Application Procedure

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We are now welcoming applications from your students nominated for exchange studies at Aalen University for the Autumn Semester 2019 and full academic year (Autumn 2019 + Spring 2020).

The application period is from November 1st to November 30th 2019, and we expect to receive all the online applications by November 30th 2019. Please note that the deadline is strict especially for the non-EU applicants who need to apply for a visa or a residence permit, because the process takes time.

» Nomination & Application Instructions

» Contact for Nominations : aaa@hs-aalen.de


Digital Innovation SpaceNew Digitalization Center in Aalen

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This is how the new Digital Innovation Space building, located between the new faculty building (left) and the parking garage near the stadium, and which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, will look. (© Isin+Co).

Tu, 30. June 2020 Researchers, companies and the population use the creative space together. In Aalen, an architecturally prominent building is being built on the university campus for research topics in the field of digitalization. Its goal is to strenghen the sustainability of business.

New Measuring Device Detects the Smallest LeakagesResearchers at Aalen University are investigating the adhesion of plastics to metals.

Thumb marcel spadaro und dennis jahn von der hochschule aalen sp ren mit der neuen helium leckage messapparatur kleinste undichtheiten auf

Marcel Spadaro (l) and Dennis Jahn from Aalen University track the smallest leakages with the new helium leakage measuring device. Photo: © Aalen University | Shalem Indrupati

Mo, 22. June 2020 Long-lasting products are sustainable. This applies to smartphones in the same way as to engine control units or battery cells for electric mobility. For that reason, electric and electronic components must be protected from intruding moisture, so that they endure for the complete service life. Only when plastics tightly seal, e.g. the metal electrodes of a pacemaker, thee sensitive inner electronics are protected from potential damages caused by penetrating bodily fluids. A new measuring device allows researchers at Aalen University to detect the smallest leakages in the interface of adhesively bonded plastic-metal joints and thus help to improve the seal tightness of such interfaces.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports SmartPro another Four YearsAalen University receives millions in funding from the federal government

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Researching new materials and intelligent manufacturing procedures within the SmartPro Project at Aalen University.

Tu, 26. May 2020 The project SmartPro has been running at Aalen University since 2017. The focus of the project is collaborative research activities towards socially and economically relevant topics like energy efficiency and resource conservation with regional companies. The targeted goals were recently evaluated positively by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Aalen University is pleased with the extension of SmartPro to 2025, for which the BMBF provided 4.75 million Euros, as well as an additional million Euros for companies.

This semester will be an adventure for all of usUniversity President Prof. Dr. Schneider digitally welcomes 650 new students to Aalen University.

Thumb rektor prof. dr. gerhard schneider begr  te die erstsemester per livestream an der hochschule aalen
Tu, 21. April 2020 Where normally hundreds of new students would be informed about the first steps of their studies, is now a gaping void. Because of that, Aalen University’s YouTube channel keeps getting „fuller”. Instead of on campus, the approx. 650 new students were greeted by University President Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider via livestream. “This semester will be an adventure for all of us”, he explains, “but together, we can do this”.