English taught lectures for international exchange students

More and more lectures are taught in English at Aalen University, attracting international students. As an exchange student, you can freely select courses from all our study programs. Study with our German and international students in the courses of your choice. You are welcome to browse through our catalogue below to check out available courses offered in English that fit your major. 

Our English-taught programs are thematically structured within the frame of Aalen International Program (AIP). We present our international teaching portfolio under the following study areas:

Find our course catalogue below and more information for international students in our Come-In Studies section.

Course Catalogue

You can open our online course catalogue "Mobility Online" of English taught lectures in a new window

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Since we use Mobility-Online for our Course Catalogue (and Incoming Applications) you may encounter some difficulties viewing the Course Catalogue if you use Mobility-Online as well.

If you get an error that the catalogue is not available, please double check that you are logged out of Mobility-Online for your university.

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Master lectures require Master level or 3 years of study. If you want to attend as an undergraduate student, submit proof that you have achieved a minimum of 180 ECTS.

Please contact the International Relations Office with questions about the course catalogue or updates: incomings@hs-aalen.de

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