Aalen International Program

Come to Aalen as an exchange student. Study in Germany – it’s your time.

Increase your social & intercultural competencies by studying in Aalen for one or more semesters. We are happy to host you for a semester exchange to gain Credit Points abroad by attending English taught lectures. You have the opportunity to make the most of your stay and gain practical insight into German Industries by interning at any of the regional technology hotspots to increase your job opportunities. In addition, we encourage you to extend your stay to write your thesis with us in our state-of-the-art labs.

The Aalen International Program Brochure contains practical information related to your planned stay at Aalen University and gives an overview to consider your choice of lectures.

Our Program - your chance

More and more lectures are taught in English at Aalen University, attracting international students. As an exchange student, you can freely select courses from all our study programs. Our English taught Programs are thematically structured within the frame of Aalen International Program (AIP). We present our international teaching portfolio under the following buzzwords:

You are very welcome to browse through our catalogue to check out available courses offered in English that fit your major. Study with our German and international students in the courses of your choice from our syllabus.

The updated catalogue for Spring 2022 will be uploaded shortly. You can look through our preliminary catalogue when planning your courses for Spring 2022. We anticipate minimal changes.

On the first Excel sheet, you can filter the whole program list by buzzwords and get course details. On the second sheet in the document, you can create a content description of desired courses by inserting its course number (of the mentioned list or the brochure).

Set up your learning agreement easily based on the Aalen International Program (on the third sheet). Please keep in mind that a learning agreement is not a contractual document and that due to unforeseen circumstances, changes in the course offerings might have to be made at the beginning of a semester.

Starting 4 weeks before the semester begins; you can configure your own personal timetable. You can add courses from different study programs and see the lecture schedule as well as see possible time overlaps.

Find more information for international students in our Come-In Studies section. If you would like to attend German taught lectures as well, please refer to our study programs.

International Program