Project ENGAGE provides international students with access to university life, local civil society and companies. The program consists of the following three modules that support students throughout their studies:

  •  LEARN - online services. Integrate effectively into the university study environment from the very beginning with the help of the Canvas course "International Student Guide".

  • CONTRIBUTE - Volunteering. Connect quickly by volunteering for local institutions.

  • INTERACT - Mentoring. Network with the working world at an early stage as a mentee of a regional company representative.

Questions? Feel free to contact the project coordinator Dr. Lola Bulut: lola.bulut@hs-aalen.de

Application Training in English

Dear Students,

Improve your career chances by understanding company's hiring criteria with tips and tricks from seasoned HR Manager Yvonne Brockhaus. She has helped more than 1000 job-seekers from all over the world find work in Germany. Based on her 15 years of human resources experience in 5 countries, she tells you all the do's and don't s of applying for a job to get more interview invitations, a higher salary or to even find your dream job. Sign up to learn how to impress your future employer, especially as an international graduate a woman or non-German! Who: all international students planning to do an internship or looking for work.

Language: English
When: April, 24th, 2023 from 9:30 until 16:30
Where: In person on Campus, room TBA
Registration deadline: 17.04.2023
Questions?: Contact Dr. Lola Bulut

Register for the Application Training here: