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Fr, 28. July 2023 For chess lovers, starting from the winter semester 2023/24, there is an opportunity to play in a Team Chess competition together with the Indonesian university IULI.

South Africa goes OstalbCentral University of Technology Visits Universities in the Ostalb District

The partnership with CUT is to be extended to all universities in the Ostalb region.

Th, 27. July 2023 A delegation of four office holders of the Central University of Technoloy (CUT) from Bloemfontein, South Africa, recently arrived in the Ostalb with different topics and objectives. The aim was to expand the existing partnership with Aalen University to include the humanities, teacher training and the arts, and to extend it to the universities in the Ostalb district.

Delegation from Satu Mare Visits AalenGetting to Know Aalen University of Applied Sciences and its "Health"-Offers

Prof. Dr. Ralf von Baer (right) gave the delegation from Satu Mare an insight into the "Health" studies offered by Aalen University. | Photo: Aalen University/Nina Schaible

We, 12. July 2023 Since 2013, the Ostalbkreis District has maintained close relations with the Satu Mare region in northeastern Romania, which were officially documented and reaffirmed in 2018. In the course of this, sustainable action steps were defined for relevant topics, among others in the health care sector. The delegation around President and County Council Chairman Csaba Pataki recently got to know Aalen University of Applied Sciences in the course of their visit to the Ostalbkreis District.
Foto zeigt eine Gruppe von Personen.

The new honorary ambassadors. Photo: Aalen University | Emma Ott

Tu, 04. July 2023 This semester, fifteen honorary ambassador certificates of the Ostwürttemberg region were once again awarded to international students at Aalen University of Applied Sciences and Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design during a ceremony at the Ostalbkreis District Office in Aalen. Dr. Katarzyna Haverkamp, deputy head of the Economic Development Office, was the one to honor the students. Honorary ambassador status can be earned in the two districts of Ostalb and Heidenheim as part of the program initiated in 2017 by the region's four state universities and the Business Development Agency East Württemberg (WiRO).

Group Visit from the USAShort Program at Aalen University for American Students

Virginia Tech students and employees in front of the Mercedes Benz plant in Sindelfingen. Photo: © Aalen University | Carola Wirth

We, 14. June 2023 Recently, 30 electrical engineering and information technology students from the U.S. university Virginia Tech accompanied by three professors visited Aalen University as part of a so-called "Short Program". In various lectures, talks and networking events, they not only got to know local university life, but also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with German students. The ten-day stay was rounded off by company excursions and a cultural program.

Ceremony for the consecration of the equipment at the INP-HB.

Tu, 13. June 2023 Aalen University and the Institut National Polytechnique Félix Houphouët-Boigny (INP-HB) in Côte d'Ivoire agreed on a strategic cooperation in February 2021. The starting point of this cooperation was a donation of a SEM-NEON 4 scanning electron microscope by the ZEISS Group, which has been available in Côte d'Ivoire for a few weeks as part of the INP-HB university collaboration.

The World as a Guest in AalenExcellent lectures and inspiring Encounters During the First International Week at Aalen University

Participants at the International Week on the evening of the ceremony for the university's 60th anniversary. Photo: © Aalen University | Sandro Bretzger

Fr, 26. May 2023 From May 10 to 16, 2023, the International Week took place for the first time as part of Aalen University's 60th anniversary. It was organized by the International Relations Office of Aalen University in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Junker and the SmartPro cooperation network. In addition to exciting lectures, professors, staff and students of the university had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the international guests of the foreign partner universities and to solidify collaborations.

Panel discussion. Photo: © Aalen University | Sandro Brezger

Tu, 16. May 2023 It was a very special celebration of looking both back and ahead: Together with around 150 guests from science, business, politics and society, Aalen University celebrated its 60th anniversary last Friday. In 60 years, it has dynamically developed from a small engineering school into a research-intensive and future-oriented talent factory. "Connected to the future" is consequently also the motto of the anniversary year.

Robot professionals of the futureNew study program in robotics starts at Aalen University

Bild zeigt einen Robotikarm und zwei Personen. Einer Person zeigt mit dem Zeigefinger auf den Robotikarm.

Students can test their knowledge of robots directly in a training room at Aalen University. | © Aalen University/Samuel Burkart

Fr, 28. April 2023 The robot has become part of the society: at work, in logistics, in packaging, in operating theaters, in clinics or as a service robot in nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and museums. “Robotics is the flag ship in the area of mechatronics. Robots help us create a world worth living in by relieving us of monotonous, repetitive, physically, and mentally demanding, and dirty tasks that require a great deal of concentration,” says Prof. Dr. Markus Glück, Professor of Robotics, on the offer of the same name, which will start in the coming winter semester.

Sustainable Solutions for Limited ResourcesInternational scientific symposium on research at Aalen University

Scientists at Aalen University conduct research on sustainability here in the field of battery research. (© Aalen University | Tim Burkhardt)

Tu, 04. April 2023 The university invites guests to a public scientific symposium from May 10 to 16, 2023. The focus will be on sustainable resources - from water to raw materials and energy to health. Leibniz Prize winner and director at the Max Planck Institute, Prof. Dr. Ferdi Schüth, has been recruited for the keynote lecture on energy systems of the future with a focus on hydrogen.

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