Learning and Working

This page provides information on the Citavi bibliographic management programme to help you prepare your academic paper. In addition, the library's learning stations are presented. For further information on these topics please contact silke.egelhof@hs-aalen.de.

Citavi enables you to manage your references, research in library catalogues and subject databases, organise data, collect citations and create bibliographies automatically and in compliance with the standards for different citation styles.
Aalen University has acquired a Citavi campus licence. Training courses on Citavi are offered every term, e. g. via Studium Generale. For further support, please contact your contact person in the library directly: silke.egelhof@hs-aalen.de.

Citavi 6

- Download the Citavi 6 setup
- When you first launch Citavi, activate your Citavi licence key via the launch wizard by requesting it via your personal account. Use your university email for this purpose.

Help and support for working with Citavi 6

- This manual provides detailed information on installation and licensing (note: Aalen University has a campus licence!) and on the operation of Citavi
- On the Citavi support page, you will find further useful help: Videos, Forum, FAQ and more.
- Also download the settings file of Aalen University. This file is located in the Citavi 6 start window. Open it by clicking on the cogwheel and selecting ‘Einstellungen importieren’ (import settings). The settings file includes key catalogues for you, as well as some in-house citation styles.

Tip: Using a scanning pen (C-Pen), you can easily scan texts and save them in Citavi, e.g. as a citation. You can borrow C-Pens at the Service Point.

Please note that the Word Add-In for Citavi 6 is currently not compatible with LibreOffice.

Citavi Web

With Citavi Web, you can work anywhere you have an Internet connection - on any operating system, whether Mac OS, Windows, or Linux. All you need is an up-to-date browser. All important information about Citav Web can be found in the Citavi Web manual and here.

To link your Citavi project to Word, you need the Citavi Assistant, similar to the Word Add-In of the desktop version. More information can be found in the Citavi Web manual.

Legal notice on the use of Citavi:

The software is used solely at the instigation and responsibility of the user under the conditions specified by the software provider.

The library provides various learning workstations in its rooms from individual workstations equipped with table and chair to comfortable armchairs and sofas with coffee tables. The Bernd Ulrich Scholz (BUS) room even provides several group workstations. The learning tables in the library must be reserved in advance, due to the pandemic situation. Students are welcome to use the free app from Affluences for this purpose. Information about other study stations at the premises can be found here.

There are lockers in the entrance area (level 0, in front of the lift). They can be loaned for 14 days or more. Keys are available at the Service Point on the ground floor of the library.

In order to keep the noise level in the library as low as possible, noise meters have been set up in the library triggered by high noise levels. Earplugs are also available from a vending machine for 1 euro. We ask you to avoid loud noises throughout the building to ensure focused learning.

For a deposit, library users can borrow Panasonic headphones from the Service Point. They can be used with mobile phones (iOS and Android) as well as notebooks. They allow you to watch, for example, the library's info films or introductory videos from our database providers.

There is also a copier on the ground floor. Using the FollowMe function, print jobs can be sent to the copier via the permanently installed computers on the ground floor. For this purpose, you will need your student or university ID card. We will provide a separate card for external customers.

Foto: Person an Buchscanner

A book2net scanner is available on the ground floor. It is easy to operate using a touch screen, and scanned pages can be saved on a memory stick in various formats. See a video tutorial here.