Loanig and ordering

Here you may learn everything about loaning, how to renew media or reserve loaned media. If a book is not in stock, you may order it with the request form. If you need more special references for your thesis or a project that is not available in Aalen, you may order it by interlibrary loaning.

Order request form - we order for you

The library is open to all students and members of Aalen University as well as external clients.
Using the print and online collection requires registration.

Students are automatically authorized to use the library.  The university ID card is also the library card.

Lecturers and staff may register on the site during regular opening hours (Mon-Thu 9 am - 6 pm, Fri 9 am - 4 pm) at the library or at any time online via WebCatalog. Go to My Account and click on the 'Not registered?' button. The university ID card is also the library card.

Registration as an external client is charged with 10 € according to the university's statute. You may register on the site during regular opening hours (Mon-Thu 9 am - 6 pm, Fri 9 am - 4 pm). Please present your ID card. If you are still underage, you will need a declaration of consent from your parent or legal guardian. Online registration is possible at any time: go to My Account and use the 'Not registered?' button.

Log in at ‘My account’:

  • to view the deadlines of loaned items and to renew them, if necessary
  • to view present reservations and to delete them, if necessary
  • check the current account balance

Please hardcopy a statement of account as proof of any renewals and check the deadlines carefully! 

Complaints may only be made by presenting this account statement!

Please take any desired media from the shelf and borrow them using your library card at the automatic librarian or at the service point. Please note that some media are available at special places or may be borrowed long-term by university staff or lecturers. If you are interested in any such medium, please contact us by phone at 07361-576-1919 or send an email to

If a desired medium has been borrowed, you may reserve it using the WebCatalog's detailed display. This prevents the borrowed medium from getting its deadline extended. When a reserved medium is returned, you will receive an e-mail. The medium will be made available for you for 7 days. To pick up the medium you will need the pick-up code from the notification e-mail.

The 'Click and Collect' service enables you to order desired print media via the WebCatalog without having to fetch them from the shelves yourself. The library checks several times a day whether such order requests have been received. These media will be retrieved from the shelf by a library staff member and made available for you for 7 days. You will need the pick-up code from the notification email to collect the media. You will find the media at the service point on the ground floor of the library.

Regular lending period
28 days, 56 days for university staff and lecturers
Reference collection (additional yellow sticker)
no lending possible
Seminary materials
 2 days
Technical equipment
14 days
28 days
14 days, the latest issue cannot be borrowed
Keys for lockers
 14 days
  • Two days before the end of your lending period you will receive a reminder email.
  • For university members, the mail will be sent to the university email. 
  • Please return or renew the media then.
  • Media may be renewed up to six times.
  • From the renewal date, any renewal will be extended by an additional 28 days (56 days for university staff and lecturers).
  • Media cannot be renewed if:
    • they have already been renewed six times
    • they are reserved
    • the account is charged with high reminder fees
    • the account is blocked

  • If media are returned late, reminder fees will be charged.
  • The 1st reminder will be sent by email (Studmail). Further reminders will follow by email.
  • For the 1st reminder, 1,50 €/medium will be charged, for the 2nd reminder, 5 € / medium, for each further reminder, 10 € / medium.
  • For books included in semester materials, 3 € / medium will be charged for each business day or part thereof.
  • Reminders will be sent to staff and professors free of charge.
  • If the reminded medium is not returned after the 4th reminder, replacement will be due.
  • The costs will be covered by the user.
  • Media can be returned to the library during opening hours at the automatic librarian or at the service point.
  • Media can also be placed in the book return box outside the library at any time. The library staff empties the box several times a day but no later than the next business day.
  • The book return box at the BibSpot on Beethovenstraße will be emptied once a day during each semester. Media will be unbooked as soon as they arrive at the library.
  • The library recommends that any overdue media should be manually returned to the library to avoid the charging of reminder fees.

The following technical equipment has been purchased by the Student Government Association and is made available for students to borrow from the library:

  • Laptop
  • presenter
  • adapter
  • HDMI cable
  • VGA cable
  • C-Pen stylus

These devices are listed in the WebCatalog and can be borrowed at the service point in the library.

On the first floor of the BibSpot in Beethovenstraße (Magistrale Reading Room Library), a media cabinet has been added. Here, university members can borrow the following devices with the help of their library card:

  • Laptops
  • Dictaphones
  • Presenters
  • Adapters

Except for the laptops, all devices can be returned directly to the media cupboard. Please return the laptops to the Central Student Advisory Office.

  • Books not available in the library can be ordered from other libraries by interlibrary loaning.
  • For ordering, you need the Online Catalogue.
  • At the ‘InterlibraryLoan Books/Media’ item you may research in library catalogues all over Germany.
  • Please, always check before ordering whether and how many libraries have your item in stock. Use the ‘Source’ item.
  • Make sure that the desired media can indeed be loaned from the libraries and that it is not in the reference library or has been ordered only (state: bestellt, im Geschäftsgang). 
  • The more libraries have the desired media available, the faster it will be delivered.
  • E-books cannot be ordered by interlibrary loaning. Check whether the access is free (Open-VPN required). If not, try to order the printed edition.
  • Articles can be also ordered by interlibrary loaning - also have a look at this video.
  • only the proper copies are delivered. You may keep these.
  • Whole journals cannot be ordered by interlibrary loaning.
  • Ordering requires the Online Catalogue, item ‘InterlibraryLoanArticles’.
  • Look for the journal. Usually you will find an e-journal next to the printed edition.
  • Check whether we have access to the electronic full text of the article, using the ejournal
    and the ‘Source’ link.
  • The colour indicator system (green-yellow-red) of the Electronic Journals Library
    indicates whether and which volumes are released for us.
  • If the volumes are not released for the Aalen University, trigger interlibrary loaning either
    from the printed edition or from the e-journal, depending on how the required volume is
  • You will receive an empty order form in which you can enter more data on the article
    (title and author of the article, journal number, volume, page number and year).
  • Ordering is charged with 1.50 euros per media.
  • This fee is also due if the media cannot be delivered.
  • Additional costs originate for copies of more than 30 pages ordered and for orders from abroad.
  • Loss of the interlibrary loaning data carrier will be charged with 2.50 euros.
  • If a book from interlibrary loaning is returned too late, the standard fine will be due.
  • Depending on how many libraries have the requested item available, it may arrive at thelibrary within 1-2 weeks.
  • Articles from journals are usually faster delivered.
  • As soon as an item of interlibrary loaning arrives at the library, you will receive an e-mailnotification, students will get it at their Studmail address.
  • The fee shall be paid cash upon retrieving.
  • Students may settle the fees by their course of studies.
  • There is also a cost acceptance form to be filled, signed and submitted upon retrievingthe media.
  • Normally you may loan books for 4 weeks.
  • Up to 2 additional renewals are possible under reservation.
  •  Find more on the data carrier in the respective book.
  • You will be informed by e-mail if a renewal is rejected.
  • TIB portal - supply of the Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology: Research in technical or scientific professional information and quick delivery of documents (standards!), electronic or printed. Please, read more about the fees here .

  • Subito - a quick and easy service of the libraries that delivers copies of articles to the customers and supports the loaning of books. Please, read more about the fees here.

We may order the references you desire for the special conditions our library enjoys.

Your contact in the library

  • University members can access eBooks and contents of the databases from outside the Campus Network using OpenVPN and SSO (Shibboleth, identifiers of the Campus IT).
  • See also this information about accessing the online collection.
  • Please also refer to the legal notices for the licensed databases.
  •  External clients may access the online collection in the library building.


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