International Orientation

The bachelor programme International Business Studies focusses on the challenges that emerge if companies go global and work in international and particularly intercultural environments. Hence, international company networks, intercultural skills, international experience and linguistic skills are as important as advanced professional knowledge in the area of international business.

Due to internationalisation and globalisation companies are challenged to recruit qualified employees who provide intercultural, professional and lignuistic skills at the same time. Practical experience gained in an internship abroad and the willingness to work internationally are often a competitive advantage for graduates who wish to become a junior manager in global organisations. Our study programme prepares the students for working in international environments in their future careers.

Internship Abroad

All our students gain international experience. Our study programme includes an internship abroad in a non-German-speaking country. Typically, the students spend at least 95 days with their employer abroad, most students stay there for 6 months.

It is the students‘ choice which country they want to experience in their internship. Hence, you can meet our students all over the world. It is up to the student whether he or she decides to deepen his or her linguistic skills in a French- or Spanish-speaking country or if they experience totally new cultures (e.g. Chinese culture, Russian culture, African culture).

Study Abroad

Besides their internship our students can spent a semester studying abroad. We offer this opportunity to all our students. Students who decide to do the study focus “International Program” have to spend a semester studying abroad. Hence, those students spend almost one third of their studies abroad gaining international experience and building international networks while completing their education.

Partner Universities

Although Aalen University is a relatively small university we still have almost 100 partner universities all over the world. Hence, we welcome a large number of incoming students each semester who often study International Business Studies. Our incoming students provide interesting intercultural and international points of view which strengthen the international focus of our lectures when discussing business problems. In turn, most of our outgoing students also spend their studies in one of our partner universities be it in Finland, Ireland, South Africa, China or somewhere else. Learn more about the partner universities on the pages of the International Relations Office of Aalen University.

In addition, International Business Studies keeps close relationships to selected partner universities which we call partner universities of International Business Studies.

Partner Universities of International Business Studies

International Business Studies keeps close contact to 8 special partner universities. These partnerships focus on excellent professional education and language skills. Our students advance their English, Spanish and French language skills during their studies. Hence, our special partner universities are located in France, Spain, Latin America, the USA and Hungary. Our Hungarian partner is offering a complete English study programme.

Learn more about our partners:

The Universidad de Belgrano is a private university located in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. The university was established in the district Belgrano in 1964.

The total study programme of the university comprises 44 bachelor programmes which are organised in 11 faculties as well as 20 master programmes which are organised in 4 further faculties. Currently 11,000 students are registered at the Universidad de Belgrano. The university employs 1,450 professors and lecturers.

Incoming students experience as large variety of courses. The maximum length of a study abroad in Belgrano is 12 months. The study programme International Business Studies in Aalen keeps very close relations to the Universidad de Belgrano.

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina. Geographically the city is located in the eastern part of Argentina at the shore of the Río de la Plata. In addition, it is the largest harbour of the country as well as the industrial and commercial centre of Argentina. The city of Buenos Aires is strongly influence by European culture and is the most developed city in Argentina.

The Universidad Nacional de Cuyo is a public university located in Mendoza and was established in 1939. Currently approximately 45,000 students are registered in more than 80 study programmes organised in 12 faculties and 3 Institutes. The university employs 4,500 professors and lecturers.

Mendoza is the provincial capital of the region Mendoza. Due to its location close to the Chilean border the city is also called “Gateway to Chile”. Internationally this region is well known for its winegrowing. In addition, it is one of the most famous touristic destinations in Argentina.

The Universidad Católica de Valparaíso was established in 1925. In 2003, Pope John Paul II acknowledged the university as pontifical university. Hence, the name of the university was changed into Pontifica Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.

Today, more than 14,000 students are registered at the Pontifica Universidad Católica de Valparaiso. In total, the university offers 64 study programmes organised in 9 faculties.

Valparaíso, in English “Paradise Valley”, is located at the Pacific Ocean and is one of the most important harbours of the country. The city is famous for its special character and is the cultural capital of Chile. In 2003, the historical old city of Valparaíso became an UNESCO world heritage site.

The elite university in Vigo is a public university that was established in 1989 and comprises 5 faculties. The Universidad de Vigo offers 41 bachelor programmes and 72 master programmes. The University is subdividend into 3 different campus that are scattered over the city. Currently, approximately 21,000 students are enrolled in the study programmes of the university.

The city Vigo is located in the north western part of Spain within the autonomous region Galicia at the Atlantic coast. Vigo is the largest city in Galicia as well as the most important harbour and industrial city. The harbour of Vigo is one of the largest natural harbours in Spain and home base of the largest Spanish fishing fleet.

The École Supérieure de Commerce (ESC) Clermont-Ferrand is one of the elite universities in France. It constantly appears in the top groups of several rankings such as the ranking of “Le Figaro” or “Financial Times”. ESC Clermont-Ferrand offers 3 bachelor programmes and 9 master programmes in the area of business. One of them is International Business Studies which is taught in English language. In addition, ESC Clermont-Ferrand is AASCB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)- accredited.     

The relationship between ESC Clermont-Ferrand and Aalen University is traditionally very close. Students from Clermont-Ferrand as well as students from the master programme International Marketing and Sales have the opportunity to achieve a dual degree of Aalen University and ESC Clermont-Ferrand. However, students of the International Business Studies in Aalen regularly visit the university to spend their studies abroad in France.

Clermont Ferrand is the capital of the French region Auvergne and the largest city in the Département Puy-de-Dôme. It is located approximately 15 kilometers from the extinct volcano Puy de Dôme.

The Edutus College was established in 1992 and is part of the “United Nations World Tourism Organisation“ since 2011. It is a private college for higher education that is focussed on economic and technical study programmes. There are 8 bachelor programmes, two of them are offered completely in English language, and 1 master programme.

The city Tatabanya is located in the north western part of Hungary approximately 52 kilometers from the capital Budapest. Since 1987 there is a town twinning between Aalen and Tatabanya.

The cooperation with the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics of the California State University in Fullerton (CSUF) and International Business Studies is our youngest partnership. It was established in Summer Term 2016 and the first students from our study programme visited the CSUF in Winter Term 2016/17. As we are cooperating with the Department of Accounting this is an exclusive partnership for our students who chose the study focus “Finance, Accounting, and Taxation (FACT)”.  

Fullerton is located in Greater Los Angeles approximately 30 miles (approximately 48 kilometers) south east of Los Angeles in Organge County. In 2010, Fullerton had 135,161 inhabitants who lived on an area of approximately 57.6 km2.

The CSUF is a public university that is owned by the state of California. Currently, nearly 38,000 students are studying in Fullerton, almost 10,000 of them are registered in the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, while 1,400 of them chose an accounting focus. The CSUF is one of the top ten public universities in the USA.

Offering 40 professorships in accounting, the CSUF is the largest accredited Business School on the American west coast. The amount of 800 to 1,000 accounting subjects is actually the largest study programme in accounting in the USA.

The University of Maine, located in Orono, was established in 1865 as „Maine College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Art“ and became the University of Maine in 1897. Today, this is the largest University in Maine. Currently, over 11,000 students are registered in the various study programmes. In total, the University of Maine offers 90 bachelor programmes, 70 master programmes and 35 PhD programmes.

The city Orono is located in the north eastern part of the USA close to the Canadian border. Besides many bars and restaurants the region offers a beautiful landscape. Those who love being in the country side, love quiet and nature will venerate this region. There are many parks offering several fun sports attractions such as canoeing.

International Center

Further information about the international relations of Aalen University, studying abroad, or doing an internship abroad can be found on the website of the International Center of Aalen University.

Incoming Students in International Business Studies

We are looking forward to our incoming students and students who are interested to spend their study abroad in our study programme at Aalen University. 

Please also read our special Incoming Students IBW section.