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A Very Warm Welcome at the Bachelor Programme International Business Studies (IBW)

Our bachelor programme, International Business Studies (IBW), prepares you for the challenges of the future by offering an intense business training that combines the fundamental management knowledge with the latest insights from research. Well known as the top research applied university in Baden-Württemberg, the Aalen University of Applied Sciences has a strong tradition in research that impact technological and business issues. It is this mix of fundamentals and innovation that has earned IBW’s standing as one of the top ranked programmes in the latest CHE-Ranking 2014.

The programme is geared towards training students to work in global companies. As firms work and compete in international and global markets, they have a growing need for employees who are deeply trained in the fundamentals classic to business training, like accounting and taxation, and also analytically flexible and multi-lingual. To help prepare you for this challenge, the programme has an integrated internship abroad, study abroad option at one of our partner universities, and number of classes that emphasise linguistic and cultural competencies.

The programme is divided into two major phases. In the first phase, the common core (1st- 3rd semester), students learn the rigors of fundamental basics, with an emphasis on quantitative, social, and linguistic skills. In the second phase (4th – 7th semester), the students have the opportunity to individualise their studies by specialising in one of the three concentrations

  • Marketing
  • Finance, Accounting and Taxation
  • International Program

Analytical flexibility is learned best through practice. And, to achieve this goal, classes are held numerically small so that there is opportunity for working in small groups, supervised closely by a professor. The active mode of learning sets into practice what was learned during the common core phase of the study and allows students to test out their theoretical knowledge. The success of our approach lies in the success of our alumni, many of whom are working in top firms in taxation, consulting, and marketing.

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