Library from A-Z

The library has reading places with outlets.

To work on the PC you may:

  • bring your own laptop
  • use the mounted computers in the library

You find the opening hours here.

You find a road description here. (German)

Inform us of your loss immediately!

  • Your loaning account will be blocked


If you are a university member, you may loan with the student or university ID card.

If you are an external customer, you can get a library ID card free of charge.

Personal registration is possible during the core hours. Please, bring:

  • Your identity card

Online registration is available any time about the web catalogue and My Account, using the ‘Not registered?’ button.

The library team will reset the password on the standard password (your date of birth in DD.MM.YYYY format).

Student: Student number with three leading zeros (e.g., 00012345)

Professors: Staff number with leading 010, (e.g., 01000123, or 01001437)

Staff: Staff number with leading 030, (e.g., 03000639 or 03001234)

Lecturers, institute staff and external customers: ID card number

The standard password is your date of birth in DD.MM.YYYY format.

You can renew loaned media up to 6 times.

Loaning is free of charge.

Inform us!

  • An advanced loaning period will be granted

If the media does not reappear after thorough search, financial compensation must be paid.

The following deadlines apply:

  • Standard deadline: 28 days
  • Journals: 14 days
  • Course reserve collections (red labels): 2 days (short loaning period)

No renewal is possible in the following cases :

  • if you have renewed the media already 6 times
  • if the media are reserved
  • if your loaning account is charged with high unpaid fees

There are four ways of renewing the loaning terms:

Yes, send to:   Beethovenstrasse 1

                          73430 Aalen

Please, note:

You will have to replace any media that get lost in transit.

You may throw loaned media into the book return box in front of the library.

Please, note:

Returned media will be unbooked on the next working day.

Any overdue fines accruing overnight will be due.

There is a return box in the main building as well. It is located on the 1st floor near the InfoPoint in the BibSpot. Books will be unbooked the same day if they are dropped before 11 am.

If the deadline has expired, overdue fines become due:

  • 1st reminder: 1.50€ per media
  • 2nd reminder: 5.00€ per media (in addition)
  • 3rd reminder: 5.00€ per media (in addition)
  • Short loans: 3.00 € per day and media
  1. Click on ‘My Account
  2. Log in

You will see all your loaned media

  1. Click on ‘My Account
  2. Log in
  • You will see all deadlines

Two days before your deadline expires you will receive a reminder by e-mail (Studmail)

You will automatically receive an e-mail at your university e-mail account (

Reserved media will be kept in the counter for 7 days.

Media from interlibrary loaning will wait for retrieving for the whole period of loaning.

You have found media in the catalogue that interest you, but they are loaned?

  1. Click in the full display on ‘Bestellen/Vormerken’
  2. Log in
  • You will get an e-mail to the Studmail e-mail address as soon as the media are available in the library.

See also the video:

How to reserve a book (German only)

You can access many databases from home.

Please, note:

You must be connected to the campus net by a VPN software.

You will get it on the website of the campus IT.

There are two kinds of introductions:

  • regular introductions for individual courses of studies
  • personal support in searching for seminary and final papers

Ask for appointments with Ms Silke Egelhof or Ulrike Bretzger .

You will find all licensed databases in the database information system DBIS. (German only)

University members may use the 10 HD-SW photocopier.

External customers may use the G3-0.01-HP LaserJet M402 dne-PCC printer.