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Welcome to the Graduate Masters Degree Program in International Marketing and Sales (MIM) at Aalen University


Like business in general, the field of marketing and sales faces challenges and opportunities: prices pressures, servitization in manufacturing, and frequent organizational changes in work processes and roles. No wonder that businesses want talent who know how to work with numbers, can structure and analyze complex problems, and are ready and comfortable with the demands that these changes often bring. The innovative program at Aalen Master of International Marketing and Sales (MIM) helps its students to master the quantitative fundamentals of the field but also trains them to think and solve problems analytically. This thorough and innovative training ultimately equips the students to enter the managerial track in the field of marketing and sales and beyond.

A program is more than a list of the classes offered. At MIM, quality of experience counts.

  • The MIM curriculum offers a tightly structured and coherent program, which reflects the integrated insight from current research findings as well as real-world concerns of industry managers
  • Internationally diverse, our faculty has been worked and trained at some of the best universities/firms in the world, and this background shapes the classroom experience, as theory is tested against praxis and praxis is improved based on theory
  • Class sizes are held small so that professors can lead discussions, supervise project, and facilitate active learning
  • Language of instruction is centered on English. The students are trained to understand analyze data from peer-reviewed Anglo-Saxon journals and to use English at professional and academic levels


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