Students’ life at the MIM program

At the MIM program you can expect to study in a small group (class size does not exceed 25 students) of open-minded people like yourself who probably share many interests with you. Many of them love travelling and bring diverse international experience as well as cultural and language knowledge.

The wide field of experiences and the different specifications students bring from their Bachelor’s degree allow for very interesting and effective group works.

You will attend interactive classes, work together in groups on different projects and cases, and write papers and give presentations together with your fellow students as well as individually. You can expect professors to work closely with you. And do not worry about exam periods. Each semester you will have a traditional written exam in only one module. The other modules’ examination will consist of presentations and/or papers.

Beyond the classroom

Aalen University offers a range of student facilities and non-university activities such as the library, students sports program, and international activities like buddy programs you can participate in. Studium Generale offers a wide range of extra courses and speeches on all imaginable topics. You can also attend language courses.

Being a very small city, Aalen hosts approximately 6,600 students. The city center is full of small cozy bars that invite you for a beer with your fellow students in the evenings. Moreover, several clubs invite you to go partying.

Additionally, the city has different offerings for students such as students’ discounts for the Limes Museum and the spa (Limes-Therme).

What do students say?

Foto: Judith Haensler

"Studying MIM at Aalen University first of all means one thing: A lot of fun with my fellow students. We do a lot of projects together and always cooperate perfectly. Discussions in classes are inspiring and on high level. And, well, guys, of course, all students are open for a beer in one of Aalen's bars in the evening or for a party night in one of the (easily countable, I admit) clubs, every now and then. My fellow students here on the one hand come from different backgrounds, but are, on the other hand, very much alike me. During breaks or when coming together for a beer all of us have stories to share about travelling or semesters abroad. All of us are open-minded and our home is the world, even though for our Master we came here to the countryside… 😉

I do not want to hide from you the information that our semesters here are tough. All students here have to work hard in order to deliver their high-quality work and cope with the high number of projects, classes and papers. The tasks given to us are, God knows, very demanding. However, the challenging, but very cooperative work atmosphere at MIM is the perfect environment for doing so.

All my fellow students here decided for the MIM program because they want challenging tasks that help them progress in their academic vitae. Additionally, the very practical tasks are related to real business and current issues in business life which helps us to understand the essential connections between the theoretical input and the practical issues. That way, I believe, we will become best prepared graduates, willing and capable to manage the demanding tasks as managers in sales and marketing, or project and product management out there in the real world."

Foto: Linda Meßmer

"I did not really know a lot about Aalen, when I decided to come here and join the MIM program. The main reason for doing it was the international orientation of the MIM program and that it is focused on the area of marketing and sales.

The content of the lectures convinced me and my expectation regarding the interactive structure of the program was even exceeded. I’m happy that I got to know many intelligent and open-minded fellow students. The group consisting of around 25 students is small, but full of students with diverse backgrounds and many different opinions and thoughts. At the beginning, I was skeptical about the high amount of group assignments, but I was convinced of the contrary. The variety of knowledge leads to great discussions within the groups and together we developed great ideas and thoughts, that I would not have achieved on my own. And most importantly – working in a group is a lot of fun. But of course, there are also individual projects and the combination of both is great.

Beside lectures I really enjoy living in Aalen although it is a small city. There are a lot of bars and restaurants and especially in spring and summer time the city center is alive and crowded with people enjoying their free time. After lecture, I enjoy running and there are a lot of nice paths near the city. Moreover, the university offers a high variety of sport possibilities the students can join.

All in all, I’m glad that I’ve made the decision to join MIM, as it encouraged me that the area of sales is where I want to work in and I also developed personally during my time in Aalen."

Foto: Mehrere Studenten auf Wiese