What do you need to know about the MIM program?

  • The program offers integrated insight from current research findings and current real-world concerns of managers.
  • The faculty members have worked and have been trained at some of the best firms and universities of the world. This background shapes the classroom experience: theory is tested against praxis and praxis is improved based on theory.
  • Class sizes are small so that discussions, supervision of projects and active learning can be encouraged and easily realized.
  • English is the language of instruction. Over 90 % of lectures and assignments are held in English. Students will understand and analyze data from Anglo-Saxon journals and use English at professional and academic level.

The program is for students who are interested in an international career in the field of marketing and sales and enjoy the challenge of working in a demanding environment.

Interested students need to hold an economics Bachelor’s degree and have advanced English proficiency (see detailed requirements in How to Apply).

The Curriculum

Information about MIM´s Program Structure, Curriculum and More

* 5 CPs per module; 30 CPs for Master thesis

** For more elective modules see a  comprehensive list of courses in English

The MIM program only starts in Winter term and is standardly designed to be completed within three semesters, but all students have the possibility to extend their studies to four semesters.

  • The standard track is of three semesters and designed for students who hold a Bachelor’s degree of 210 ECTS.

  • The flexible track is of four semesters and a selectable option for all students. The fourth semester is mandatory for students who hold a Bachelor’s degree of 180 ECTS to make up the difference of the missing 30 CPs.

The 1st and 2nd semester consist of required fundamental courses and elective courses to reflect specialization at Aalen university.

Within the standard track in the 3rd semester the thesis is completed under supervision. The thesis can be a theoretical or praxis-oriented one that can be written in cooperation with a company.

Within the flexible track students either extend their studies with an internship that may be passed at a company in Germany or abroad or with an additional theoretical semester at Aalen university or at a partner university abroad in the 3rd semester. In this case the master thesis is completed in the 4th semester.

Foto: Zwei Studentinnen

The program is divided into five different knowledge areas. In each semester, six modules are completed, and each is five CPs.

The modules consist of marketing and sales classes, new solution methods, crossfunctional skills, data management and numbers and markets. Courses focus on current issues of their fields.

In each semester one course is elective and can be chosen from the program itself or from other Master programs at the university. Any chosen elective must fulfil two criteria: business related and taught in English. Please refer to the English taught lectures catalogue of the International Relations Office for possible options.

Foto: Gruppe Studenten Classes Master International Management

The goal of the program is to develop students’ skills to understand the latest research and insight and to be able to apply those tools to real business problems.

Therefore, class sizes are small and teaching is interactive. The MIM program incorporates different teaching formats: lectures, group assignments, presentations, individual projects, and research opportunities.

The MIM program puts high emphasis on the students’ development of analytical capabilities. Professors support students in independently collecting, evaluating and connecting information. MIM graduates are able to create innovative thoughts and produce ideas rather than consume them.

The short answer is lots of things! With this degree, you have a choice between traditional or non-traditional path.

1) The first path is the classic one of going into a large mid-sized or a global firm in marketing or sales department, depending on your training in technical or in marketing area. But, there are new kinds of jobs.

2) The non-traditional path is emerging in developing new strategies for marketing intelligence, product management, servitization process management, etc. As manufacturing companies move into new types of services, digitization, new ownership structures of automobiles and other gadgets, you will find that there are jobs and careers that are right for you.

  • A professionally qualifying university degree in a related field, e.g. marketing, business informatics, economics or marketing.
  • Above-average degree (at least grade 2.5)
  • University degree with at least 210 ECTS or with at least 180 ECTS (30 ECTS must be acquired during the Master's programme). At least half of those ECTS must have been in related fields respectively.
  • Very good German language skills: B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A certificate or equally valid evidence has to be presented.
  • Very good English language skills: B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A certificate or equally valid evidence has to be presented.

Course Overview

Final DegreeMaster of Arts
European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)90 oder 120
Application periodWinter term: Anfang Mai - 15. Juli


Accreditation certificate
Postgradual Study (Master)Yes
Part-Time ProgrammNo
Consecutive Degree ProgrammeYes
Vacant University Places (chosen by the lot)No
Pre-study Internship RequiredNo
Administration FeesThe semester fee of 154 € comprises the administration fee of 70 €, student contribution of 72 € and a contribution for the student representative organizations of 12 €.
Selection Process

Numerus Clausus

Examination Rules and Regulations


If you have any questions concerning our master degree program in International Marketing and Sales do not hesitate to contact us:

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