Institute for High Integrity Mechatronic Systems

Intelligent Safe Subsea Actuation

System architecture and operation strategies for high reliable and safe motion control systems. The research project generates the key technology for the future energy supply. The new technology enables:

  • Pollution free oil and gas production
  • Deepwater capability
  • SIL 3 shut down of well (IEC 61508)
  • 25 years design life
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Intelligent Safe Subsea Actuation

Active Lower Limb Exoskeleton

The Research-Project is focused on a complete assistance of the lower extremities for rehabilitation in case of accidents, muscles diseases or partial paralysis. As a medical device, high safety and validated performance are required. Robust control based on biomechanical sensor data is used to regulate the assistance.

This system intends to:

  • Deliver safe assistance in force and speed with minimum weight
  • Allow adaptive control, using cloud-based data processing
  • Faster and personalized rehabilitation by mobile health functionalities
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Active Lower Limb Exoskeleton

In the section MagNetz of the research project SmartPro the center for reliable mechatronic systems works on the qualification of electrical drives, which are modified with advanced magnetic materials. The focus is on the efficiency as well as the thermal and magnetically behavior of the machines. Therefore, test benches for drives of different power levels are getting designed and realized. Because the test benches are used as high-precision measurement devices, a special focus is on the validation of measurements.

The Test benches are getting used in:

  • 4 quadrants load simulations (e.g. pumps, valves, fans)
  • Determination of thermal contact resistance
  • Verification of different commutation processes (sinus-triangle, SVM, Flat-Top) by rapid prototyping environment
  • Forecast of system lifetimes
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Smart Available Maritime Battery

The research project focuses on the development of an innovative, modular and scalable energy supply used by consumers of underwater technologies. The underwater energy supply enables the operation of different costumers at one existing supply network because the costumers are getting supplied by the energy supply. The supply network then only is needed to recharge the energy supply. This shall be achieved for a life cycle of 25 years.