Business Collaboration

As Faculty of Management and Business Science (FMBS) and as University of Applied Sciences cooperation with companies are fundamental. There is a long tradition that connects the close cooperation with regional and powerful medium-sized companies. In times of globalisation, more and more often a close collaboration with large, global operating enterprises occurrs.

Our strengths

The FMBS is with about 1700 students one of the greatest faculties of Aalen University of Applied Science. The faculty can be characterised by a strong practical orientation, internationality, interdisciplinary and innovation.

Our study programmes and focus areas provide a research-based education, which combine modern management methods with high practical orientation. Among them are also some unique study programmes and study areas as, for example, Master of Arts in International Marketing & Sales.

Our study programmes regularly achieved excellent results in the rankings. In the last CHE University Ranking of the year 2014 we were placed in the absolute top group of the seven best Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany in the field of business administration. Our study programmes in Engineering Management also achieved impressive results in the last ranking. They are ranked among the Top 20.

Opportunities for cooperation

All FMBS study programmes are oriented to gain diverse experience in corporate practice while studying:

Our students get to know relevant issues and current operational challenges in numerous student project works during their course of studies. Some student projects are combined with a company cooperation. As a company, you will benefit from the application of current academic methods and knowledge as well as through cooperation with a professorial expert.

All Bachelor study programmes include an integrated practical semester (internship) at home or abroad. During the practical semester our students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in study, specific projects and management tasks. Moreover, they can often improve their language skills and cultural knowledge. Also participation in project teams is desired.

The practical semester is scheduled for the fifth semester and with 95 days of attendance. In the practical semester constructive cooperation quite often arises to the benefit of both sides in the long term. Thereby students have the opportunity to gain useful work experience and companies benefit from the access to the leaders of tomorrow and the latest research results.

To complete their Bachelor or Master studies each student have to write a Bachelor/Master thesis. The thesis is a kind of examination of our students, in which the students should show that they are able to address a research question independently from an industry field at a predetermined time. The thesis is developed in collaboration with a professor and possibly with a supervisor from a company. The research question should have both academic and practical relevance.

Our students usually have four (Bachelor students) or six months (Master students) time to finish their thesis. As a company, you will benefit from a timely processing of an operational problem, current research and analysis results as well as of profound academic results and solutions.

Our professors are competent contact partners for you in consulting and research topics. More information and contact details can be found here.

Recruiting Services

A central Marketing and Career Service was established at FMBS to strengthen the good cooperation with companies in recruiting and for a better preparation of our students’ professional activity.

We are happy to meet there your vacant jobs and internships and make them available to our students. You can also upload your vacancies in our online job portal - quite simply and for free.

It would give us great pleasure, if you contact us to introduce yourself and your business as part of a lecture, a presentation or workshop at the university.

Please contact the Management Team for questions and further information by e –mail.

We look forward to a good co-operation and to get your student job offers!