Vision and Mission

WE are a dynamic, innovative, practical-orientated and interdisciplinary faculty with regional roots and an international scope. WE are standing for outstanding study programmes, for ground-breaking research and successful knowledge and know-how transfer in economics.

Our Mission

Together WE are strong – anchored in the region and international oriented

The Faculty of Management and Business Science offers an interdisciplinary, international, practical and high-quality academic education and training. Starting from this basis, we conduct innovative research. The Faculty activities and cooperation are characterised by a high level of trust, mutual respect as well as a high level of transparency and service orientation. The faculty seeks a sharing of technical and economic approaches in research and teaching just as ways of thinking and methods. The faculty’s actions are guided by the needs of its social stakeholders, in particular its students and the regional and international economy.

Our Vision

Successful Leaders

  • WE empower our graduates for independent scientific thinking and acting with a high level of problem-solving expertise.
  • Our graduates are independent personalities who are well-prepared for the growing demands of the professional practice.
  • Our graduates apply modern economics methods and instruments to prepare well-founded management decisions.
  • Our graduates have internalised our cooperative and modern management model.

High quality teaching and opportunities for setting individual priorities

  • WE guarantee our students excellent study conditions within small groups, innovative teaching and learning methods and a modern infrastructure.
  • WE offer our students an excellent professional and practical orientation by teaching of an international team international team of professors with high practical experience and large networks.
  • Our young and highly motivated team of professors – as well as our staff team - is intrinsically interested in the students' learning success and designs individual study areas of specialisation for our students.

Trustful partnerships

  • WE maintain a close cooperation with regional and international partners from industry. This enables applied learning for our students and they can gain varied practical experience while studying.
  • WE offer our students the opportunity to gain international experience through studying a semester abroad or doing an internship abroad. This is strongly supported by our wide, international network of partner universities.

Promotion of continuous education

  • WE are a pioneer and an innovation leader in the design and implementation of part-time study programs (Bachelor and Master Courses) for professionals.
  • WE offer a platform of exchange, transfer and cooperation to young executives in the region.
  • WE give our employees space for personal fulfilment and provide continuous training opportunities

Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • WE improve our efficiency and effectiveness by the establishment of a holistic Faculty Management approach and by the optimisation of the common use of resources. Thus, we create space for better teaching and research.
  • WE take responsibility for the young generation and stimulate the society sustainable.