For foreign applicants the prerequisite for admission is German level A2.

We require a certificate of proficiency of English language knowledge level B2 or a certificate from your university that language of instruction in your Bachelor course is English.

For our Master program, we can only check eligibility based on full application.

You can always send your application. Application deadline for the upcoming course is July 15th.

Our university can not provide any financial assistance of Photonics Master students.

The research or professionally integrated variant offers the possibility of financing one's studies completely on one's own.

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Aalen University


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Strictly, the term “Photonics” stands for the science of photon. The classical meaning refers to fiber-optic communication originated in the 1980s. Today the term incorporates many novel disciplines. In the essence, it is related to four application areas, where “Photonics” is used to connote applied research and development. These are:

    • Optical information and communication
    • Industrial manufacturing
    • Lighting and displays
    • Biophotonics in the domain of Life Science

Specifically “Photonics” not only denotes the particle properties of light, the term incorporates all practical applications of optics, and the potential to create, transport and process optical signals. Photonic techniques are used in various fields. The combination of medical problems and photonic technologies proved to exhibit a high economical potential.