The application in practice and the implementation of research results in regional and supra-regional enterprises are important principles of Aalen Management Institute (AAUF). It is crucial to test research results in practice, in order to identify sources of error, recognize potentials for optimization and derive recommendations for action.

Integrating the principle of value creation into corporate governance, we offer diverse customized services, in terms of leadership, management and monitoring of enterprises.

Thereby, Aalen Management Institute addresses a variety of different target groups.

Amongst others, our range of services includes:

  • Promotion of the exchange between academic and scientific experts as well as practice partners
  • Training and certification courses (for instance for supervisory boards, advisory boards, etc.)
  • The institute's publication series informs about latest research findings
  • Interconnection between science and practice as supporting element for the acquisition of third-party funded projects
  • Promotion of the cooperation between Aalen University and external partners