Cooperative PhD Programme

PhD students Graduation Aalen University

The faculty of Management and Business Sciences has a joint doctoral programme with Teesside Business School. Since 2007, six cooperative dissertations have been successfully completed.

Usually our PhD students work as academic staff at Aalen University or at other companies and do a doctoral degree as externals doctoral students at University of Teesside. The supervision takes place on both sides by a professor of the faculty and by a British colleague. The academic title (PhD) is awarded after submission of the dissertation and successful oral exam at University of Teesside. In addition to this joint PhD programme three other cooperative dissertations with other universities were recently completed successfully.

In case you have questions regarding the joint PhD programme with Teesside Business School, please contact Prof. Dr. Robert Rieg.

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Some Research Influences and Interests of Our Professors

Prof. Dr. Jae-Aileen Chung

International Marketing and Sales Professor Dr. Chung

My research interests centers on two interrelated fields. First, I want to know, how changes are implemented? My research at the World Trade Organization as well as student thesis projects have made me think much about how difficult it is to change organizations. My Ph.D. examined the venture capital boom in South Korea in early 2000s and why it failed to establish itself as an industry despite governmental backing. Gradually my interest has shifted to the company level of change implementation, which involves issues of power and persuasion: how to persuade others to your point of view. For the master’s program, I concentrate on the changes at the organizational and personal levels.

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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heyd

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heyd

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heyd is Professor of Accounting at Aalen University and Professor of Honour at Ulm University. His research projects are focused on IFRS special issues, e.g. lease accounting, financial instruments as well as accounting of goodwill and intangible assets. He published a number of papers in national and international peer reviewed journals as well as text books and editorial works that are highly appreciated both in the scientific environment as well as in the accounting community. He presents his papers at national and international conferences e.g. American Accounting Association, Annual Meeting of the Corporate Risk Management Association and Hamburger Revisionstagung. He was a Visiting Professor at California State University Fullerton, University of Mississippi, Free University of Bolzano and other Universities abroad. As a member of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics at Ulm University he was mentoring two successful PhD projects in the area of accounting.

Prof. Heyd is cooperating with many audit companies, law firms, financial institutions and executives in the accounting departments of large companies in Germany as well as abroad.

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Personal Profile of Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heyd

Prof. Dr. Markus Peter

Prof. Dr. Markus Peter

Since 2007 I have been Professor for Business Taxation, International Taxation and Business Administration at Aalen University. In my research I am especially focusing on International and European Tax Law, Business and Group Taxation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Management Succession and asset transfer planning. Therefore I regularly publish papers in tax journals (DStR, IStR, etc.) as well as publishing some book contributions. Furthermore I am the originator and dean of a German wide provided master program in the field of taxation (“Master of Arts in Taxation” - Taxmaster) which is cooperation between the University of Aalen and the Steuerfachschule Dr. Endriss, Cologne.

My classes are really practical oriented by doing practical cases as well as group coaching. In that project oriented classes I am pushing my students in writing papers like tax statements which are written in a daily tax consultant business. For the MAG master’s program I developed for the first semester a lecture where students get a theoretical background in group taxation. For the second semester I developed a lecture where students are requested to work on their own writing a tax statement with focus on transfer pricing.

Personal Profile of Prof. Dr. Markus Peter

Prof. Dr. Robert Rieg

Prof. Dr. Robert Rieg

Research is in my mind a tool for clear thinking and finding empirical evidence of “what really works”. With that in mind I explore several areas of applied research in management accounting and control. One is in disclosure of intellectual capital, its determinants and effects. A second looks into roles and economic situation of controllers and accountants in firms as well as self-employed accountants often in small and mid-sized companies. The third area concerns structures and methods of accounting in general like the discussion of convergence or divergence of internal and external accounting. An emerging field for me is risk management and its links to management accounting and control. The main methods employed are quantitative empirical (surveys, experiments) as well as analytical modeling with Monte-Carlo Simulations and System Dynamics.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Strehl

Marketing Vertrieb Master Prof. Dr. Strehl

My passion is the intersection of information technology and business. Bridging these two worlds creates some of the most exciting opportunity fields in today's world, such as Digital Transformation, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things or the Blockchain Revolution. With a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and a top consulting background, I have worked in these fields long before they became mainstream interest and can bring deep insights and novel perspectives into my lectures and research. I like to challenge my students to exciting digital projects that require an entrepreneural spirit, independence and quantitative thinking.

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Prof. Dr. habil. Patrick Ulrich

Prof. Dr. habil. Patrick Ulrich

His areas of expertise cover governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) in big corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and family firms, strategic management, management accounting, and management control. He has been a management consultant at Deloitte & Touche and private lecturer at the University of Bamberg. Among his current research topics are board diversity, family business governance, the Societas Europaea (SE), Big Data, data analytics, and business model innovation. Within the MAG, he will be responsible for corporate governance, compliance and emergent issues in governance.

Personal Profile of Prof. Dr. habil. Patrick Ulrich