A Contribution to International UnderstandingUniversity employee Lothar Dessilla honoured for dedicated service

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Awarding the Regional Chapter Prize 2018 of the Organization of Friends and Scholarship Holders of the BW-Scholarship to Lothar Dessilla (pictured second from left)

Fr, 01. February 2019

The previous scholarship recipient and student of the University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd, Lothar Dessilla, was recognized at the yearly meeting of the Baden-Württemberg scholarship holders. The current employee of Aalen University’s International Relations Office and coordinator of the regional chapter East Württemberg of the Baden-Württemberg scholarship was honoured for his voluntary service for the support and networking of international and local scholarship holders and alumni.

The Baden-Württemberg Scholarship is a program of the Baden-Württemberg foundation and makes it possible for young people to stay abroad. Current and previous scholarship holders can organize to exchange ideas and contribute towards international understanding. Together with two students, Lothar Dessilla founded the East-Württemberg Regional Chapter last year. The network serves all previous and current scholarship holders of the four public universities in East-Württemberg. Besides regular roundtables, the chapter sponsored group trips to explorhino, to the annual meeting of the Baden-Württemberg scholarship holders, as well as to the Christmas Market in Tiefen Stollen in Wasseralfingen.

The award of 500 euros will serve the chapter in providing more events and trips. “I’m really excited for every current or previous scholarship holder interested in joining our chapter and getting involved”, says Lothar Dessilla.

Photo Credits: © Baden-Württemberg Stiftung