Systems theory focused research groups based at Aalen University

Our research focus covers all aspects of the fields of complex systems theory and network science, especially mathematically-orientated and theoretical topics that have a clear relevance to physics, engineering and computer sciences, and even economics.

We are comprised of four research groups led by Professors Mahyar Mahinzaeim, Claus Feuchter, Dieter William Joenssen, and Orsolya Csiszár.

If you are interested in systems theory with an emphasis on such fields as

– PDEs– Impact Analysis of Data Quality
– Stability Theory– Optimization
– Spectral Theory of Operators– Fuzzy Logic and Data-Driven Control
– Dynamical Systems on Networks– Statistical Methods
– Mathematics of Lattice Boltzmann (LB) Methods– Monte Carlo Methods
– DNS/LES of Turbulent Flows– Neurosymbolic AI
– Direct Aeroacoustics– Physics-Informed Machine Learning
– Microfluids– Sparse Identification of Complex Systems

then we are interested in working with you! You could become part of one of the four research groups, receive outstanding mentoring and get involved in cutting-edge research.

For general inquiries you can contact us via email on


We, 17. May 2023 New paper from the Infinite-Dimensional Systems group considers the extended dissipative filter design for discrete-time interconnected fuzzy systems with time-varying delays subject to cyber attacks.

RCS welcomes a new memberDr. Vijay Aravind Rengaraj is a new member and welcomed to the Infinite-Dimensional Systems group in May 2023

We, 17. May 2023 Dr. Vijay Aravind Rengaraj is employed as Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Infinite-Dimensional Systems group at RCS and is starting new research into the development of intelligent control methods.

RCS welcomes Professor Orsolya Csiszár as new Group LeaderProfessor Orsolya Csiszár joins us next month as a Group Leader researching explainable AI methods for applications in complex systems

Th, 16. March 2023 Orsolya joins us most recently from the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, where she is Professor in Mathematics and Applied Artificial Intelligence.