Prof. Dr. Mahyar Mahinzaeim

Foto: Mahyar Mahinzaeim

Professor Mahyar Mahinzaeim obtained his Master's degree from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 2005, which was followed by a PhD from the same institution in 2012. After ten years in the UK, he returned to Germany to work in R&D at Bosch. He is currently Professor in Mechanics and Control at Aalen University. His professional memberships include the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (MIMA) and SIAM, and he is a member of the COST Action MAT-DYN-NET WG4.

His group focuses on partial differential equations (PDEs), complex and functional analysis, and operator theory, sometimes applied to concrete problems in systems and control theory (particularly continuum mechanical or distributed parameter problems).

Research Topics

Typical of many problems of mechanics and mathematical physics are operators that are neither bounded nor selfadjoint. The peculiarity here is that the spectral properties of these operators differ significantly from those of ordinary selfadjoint operators: the eigenvalues are not real and may have associated vectors, and the corresponding eigenvectors do not form an orthonormal basis for the underlying space. But these properties play a decisive role in the stability theory of PDEs, or "distributed parameter systems".

We are concerned with nonselfadjoint boundary value problems in which the boundary conditions depend on the eigenvalue parameter. The problems of primary interest are the elastodynamical and hydrodynamical problems of stability, with a focus on PDEs on networks.

There are some significant control (and control-related) problems which still remain unresolved in the theory of infinite dimensional systems.

We consider control problems for systems governed by PDEs. In particular, we are concerned with developing control techniques with the aim of providing robustness of stability against certain kinds of perturbations.