Aalen Contributions to complex Systems

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Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Joenssen, Prof. Dr. Mahinzaeim

ISSN: 2702-1734 (Online)

Founded by Prof. Dr. Joenssen in 2020

Aalen Contributions to complex Systems (Aalener Beiträge zu komplexen Systemen, AaBKS) is Aalen University's first working paper series. It offers the possibility to present contemporary work to a broad audience for discussion - using a limited peer-review process. Available only online, it allows authors to show their work beyond the borders of Aalen University. AaBKS is not only open to all Members of the faculty "Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science ", but also guest authors from beyond Aalen.

AaBKS is a dual language journal, German and English, with clear quality criterea and a transparent publication process.

AaBKS is an open access journal, free for authors and readers alike.