Author Guidelines

1. General Information

AaBKS is a journal for original articles and working papers. Topics cover research in “modern topics and challenges in mechanical engineering” for both applications and theory.
We only consider publishing that are not published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Articles and working papers must meet publication criteria, which includes a majority vote from the editorial board for publication.

Access: Open Access (the full text of each article published is freely available to all readers).

Fees: There are no fees for publication and submission. Peer-review, editing and publication are free of charge.

Language: English or German. We ask authors to submit abstracts and keywords in both English and German.

2. Article Submission

Submissions are accepted via email and should include a pdf-build and LaTex-sources. We only accept submissions of Microsoft word files in exceptional cases, as we do not provide a template.
Please use the following LaTex-Template, without any major adjustments. For bibliographical information use the included *.bib file. All references in the bibliography need to be cited in the text.

3. Article Evaluation

Every submission should

  • be new and original (i.e. not published elsewhere, by anyone).
  • have length, structure and style of an usual contributed article (see details).
  • provide a significant advancement in a research field, review of the state of the art in a research field, a novel application, concept or evaluation of data, significantly further a discussion, provide interesting ideas for future research directions.
  • be clearly written and well organized.
  • be of interest to the scientific community or industrial application.

4. Submission Checklist

The following is a checklist to assist all authors in preparing a complete submission. The intent is to minimize time to publication and reduce inquiries.

  • Written statement, confirming that the corresponding author is authorized by all co-authors to submit the paper and handle correspondence.
  • Complete article template as found here. Please use the template for English articles (link to template), including the following points:
    • Name, affiliation, and email address for all authors
    • Title (long and short/running title)
    • Abstract in English and German
    • Keywords in English and German
  • Declaration that the paper has not been published previously.
  • The article, in part or whole, does not violate any existing or derivative copyright.
  • The article contains no obscene, indecent or libelous content. For content that may be considered political, the author makes an earnest attempt at objectively portraying all sides of any argument and adheres to scientific principles.

5. Publication Ethics and Malpractice

Editors of AaBKS make their best attempts at assuring a fair, unbiased and transparent limited peer-review including editorial decisions. Any cases of misconduct in part of authors, reviewers and editors will be taken seriously and will be perused within reason.
AaBKS makes a best-effort attempt in adhering to the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) “Proposals for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice”. Please refer to the most up-to date version as guidance for authors here.

6. Copyright

The authors retain the copyright for their papers published in AaBKS under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (CC BY-SA).


Use this template, if you are creating a paper in English.
Use this template, if you are creating a paper in German.