Metal 3D printing

The SLM system can be used to produce innovative components in the fields of lightweight construction, traffic engineering, printing and injection moulding technology, mechanical and plant engineering and medical technology. The special feature is the free design of surfaces and volumes. No product-specific tools are required. Lightweight construction approaches from bionics can be realised easily, quickly and cost-effectively. The components are functional and fully adequate in terms of physical properties (e.g. strength, stiffness, thermal behaviour). Areas of application are found in prototype construction, reverse engineering, very small series, small series with individuality features, the provision of spare parts and in maintenance.

Selective Laser Melting


In today's world, it is becoming increasingly important to save resources and to banish harmful exhaust fumes from our inner cities.

Therefore, modern and future-white drive concepts are becoming more and more important.

The electrification/ hybridisation of a powertrain is the right way to achieve these goals in the medium and long term.

In the same way, it is possible to meet and even undercut the emission targets set by the legislator.

Modern powertrains can be further improved in terms of weight, rigidity and topology by taking regenerative manufacturing processes into account.