Welcome to the Graduate Masters Degree Program in Auditing, Finance & Governance (MAG) at Aalen University


First and foremost, Masters of Auditing, Finance, and Governance prepares students to work as professionals in the business functional areas of internal and external audit, corporate finance, controlling, taxation and risk management. Through the program, the students will become proficient in applying industry-standard skills in corporate finance functions while increasing their analytical flexibility in responding to the emergent strategic issues in their profession. The masters, tightly packed into three semesters, is composed of two semesters of lectures followed by a final semester of thesis work.

To achieve such a goal in a period in three semesters, the program is designed to explicitly address two essential components of such a training: skills and strategy. In other words, some lectures will be aimed mainly at skills acquisition, while other lectures will be focused on topics and methods for strategic analysis. In lectures aimed at skills, students will learn to apply industry-standard tools and techniques – such as the determination, analysis and optimization of Return-on-Investment, the Effective Tax Rate, Economic Profit / EVA®, the Cost of Capital and finally the Company and Share Value. These will be especially important in corporate financial areas: classes on group taxation and auditing are two examples of such skills training. In lectures focused on strategy, students will become familiar with emergent issues that require more analytic and strategic response in their profession.

As is often repeated, change is now the only constant in business. In corporate finance functions specifically, change can be precipitated by governance harmonization due to globalization, process disruptions due to digitization, and geographic shifts due to moving target of market growth.

The current professional cannot do without the industry-standard skills and tools but neither can she do without being trained to identify and respond to the myriad of complexities coming her way. Thus the program aims to give students both the technical skills needed to practice now and the analytical flexibility to respond to the changes demanded in the future.


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