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Language Courses 

The Language Center offers to all students the possibility to learn and to improve foreign languages. It offers a wide range of different language courses:

| Elective courses for students of all faculties

| Special courses within the different study courses

| Intensive courses in spring and summer holiday (for incomings German courses)

Course overview for the winter semester 2020-21:


General Englisch B1 | Mo 14:00 | Room 115

General Englisch B2 | Mo 15:45 | Room 115

English for Outgoings B2 | Wed 15:45 | Room 125

Communication in English B2 | Wed 14:00 | Room 124

Business Communication C1 | Tu 14:00 Room 125

Technical English B2 | Wed 14:00 | Room 125

German & European Culture | Thu 14:00 | Room 120

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Spanisch A1 - Group A | Tu 14:00-17:15 Room 111

Spanisch A1 - Group B | Wed 14:00-17:15 Zoom/Online

Spanisch A2 | Thu 14:00-17:15 Room 115

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German (no registration necessary)

Deutsch als Fremdsprache A1.2 | Mo 14:00-17:15 Room 114 (A1.1 intensive course in September!)

Deutsch als Fremdsprache B1.2 | Mo 14:00-17:15 Room 121 (B1.1 intensive course in September!)

Deutsch als Fremdsprache B2 | Tu 14:00-17:15 Room 124

No registration required!


Chinese - Language & Culture A1.1 | Mo 17:30 Room 115

Chinese - Language & Culture A1.2 | Wed 17:30 Room 115

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Portuguese | We 15:45-19:00 Room 124

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French A2/B1 | Thu 14:00-17:15 Zoom/Online

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Russian A1 | Wed 14:00-17:15 Room 106

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General information:

All courses begin when the semester starts.

If you wish to take part in one of the offered courses, please register on-line (not necessary for the german courses). The number of participates has been reduced to 25 students, so that means the first 25 to register, will get a place. All language courses offered at the University are free of charge for all students that are registered.
Students can take part in the following language courses which are offered in cooperation with the vhs-Aalen against a small charge (1,5 € per 45 min. - e.g. 30 € per course): Japanese, Italian, a.s.o. In order to register, you just have to follow the links given below.

Your registration is understood as binding, so if you should decide not to take part in a course after you have registered, please contact our “Language Center” (room 008, 135 Gartenstraße). This gives other students the possibility to participate in a course, in your place. You also have the possibility to switch to other courses if it collides with one of your lectures (first 3 weeks only).

The necessary books for the respective courses are to be acquired before classes begin. You can also borrow them from our library.

All language courses (except the vhs courses) can be selected as 'Zusatzfach' or 'Wahlpflichtfach' (depending on your curriculum). If you want to get credit points, a regular registration for the exam is necessary. A two hour class equals 2 or 3 credits.

A participation certificate can be issued by request if you did not miss class more than two times.

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