Language Services

International recognized language tests are becoming more important in the academic world and as well for private enterprises.

These language tests primarily serve as proof of sufficient knowledge of the teaching language or national language for an internship or study abroad.

The TOEFL test is the worldwide accepted language test for university entry in English speaking countries, in the UK sometimes the IELTS is required, or very rarely the Cambridge Exam.
For other purposes, the TOEIC test offers an interesting alternative with its focus on English in business situations. In the area of economic studies and for business companies, this test is more appropriate.

International students who want to study at a German university are required to prove their knowledge in German with the TestDaF.

Below you can find more detaills and information about the different language tests that we offer here at Aalen University.

List of al language tests offered at Aalen University:

English tests:


-TOEFL (3 Skills)

-Mondiale (Technical English)



German tests:







You can find more information about our tests also HERE