Lectures and practical course work

Practical relevance is a top priority in teaching at Aalen University. For this reason, the contents of the lectures Sensor Technology, Electrical Drive Technology and Mechatronic Systems are supplemented by laboratory experiments. The laboratory experiments can be conducted by interested students on a voluntary basis.

The laboratory experiments are usually worked on in small teams. The experimental setups were mostly developed by students for students. Accordingly, conducting the experiments is not a matter of simply taking series of measurements with highly optimized industrial products, but rather of detective work: Where does this effect come from? Why does that characteristic curve look different from what theory predicts? In other words, our lab experiments are very similar to what engineers experience in their professional practice. 

The basic lectures are held in German. The lecture Advanced Actuators & Sensors is offered in English language.

Overview of the laboratory setups

Theses and student projects

You are looking for a mechatronic project or a thesis?
Various projects and theses can be carried out in the laboratory. The topics for theses are often not predefined, but are adapted to the individual interests and preferences of the students. If you are interested, it is best to contact Prof. Arif Kazi directly.

Are you at the end of your bachelor's degree and interested in shape memory actuators?
As part of the master's program in Advanced Systems Design (systems engineering), students can work on their own research topic in the lab over a period of several semesters. If you are interested, it is advisable to get in touch with Prof. Arif Kazi at an early stage.