Delegation from Satu Mare Visits AalenGetting to Know Aalen University of Applied Sciences and its "Health"-Offers

Prof. Dr. Ralf von Baer (right) gave the delegation from Satu Mare an insight into the "Health" studies offered by Aalen University. | Photo: Aalen University/Nina Schaible

We, 12. July 2023

Since 2013, the Ostalbkreis District has maintained close relations with the Satu Mare region in northeastern Romania, which were officially documented and reaffirmed in 2018. In the course of this, sustainable action steps were defined for relevant topics, among others in the health care sector. The delegation around President and County Council Chairman Csaba Pataki recently got to know Aalen University of Applied Sciences in the course of their visit to the Ostalbkreis District.

One strong area of cooperation is the medical and healthcare sector. For example, an online seminar between medical professionals from Ostalb-Klinikum Aalen and clinics from Satu Mare County was already held in May of this year. More than 25 physicians exchanged views on various aspects of doctor-patient communication. Prof. Dr. Ralf von Baer, head of the Digital Health Management and Physician Assistant programs, spoke about the current challenges in the field of medicine and digitization. The participants, including Csaba Pataki, Lenuta Cornea (Vice President of the Sathmar County Council) and Dr. Laurentiu Grecu from the Ostalb Clinics, were given an overview of the increasingly important study programs from the "Health" area at Aalen University, for example Optometry as well as Audiology and Hearing Acoustics.

Since patients in Satu Mare currently still have to be transported long distances to other regions, the Ostalbkreis is supporting the planning and establishment of a cardiac intensive care unit. For this purpose, Dr. Grecu from Ostalb-Klinikum and his colleague Dr. Tünde Nagy from Satu Mare have developed an initial concept with personnel and infrastructure requirements. This is to be implemented step by step. In a further exchange, the areas of child psychiatry and palliative medicine will also be worked on conceptually. Further online seminars are being planned. The colleagues at Ostalb-Klinikum Aalen will also invite colleagues from Satu Mare to shadow them at work.