International Students at Aalen University Receive Honorary Ambassador Status for the Ostwürttemberg Region

Foto zeigt eine Gruppe von Personen.

The new honorary ambassadors. Photo: Aalen University | Emma Ott

Tu, 04. July 2023

This semester, fifteen honorary ambassador certificates of the Ostwürttemberg region were once again awarded to international students at Aalen University of Applied Sciences and Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design during a ceremony at the Ostalbkreis District Office in Aalen. Dr. Katarzyna Haverkamp, deputy head of the Economic Development Office, was the one to honor the students. Honorary ambassador status can be earned in the two districts of Ostalb and Heidenheim as part of the program initiated in 2017 by the region's four state universities and the Business Development Agency East Württemberg (WiRO).

The new Honorary Ambassadors of the region come from Jordan, the USA, Armenia, Finland, Spain, Costa Rica, Turkey, South Africa and India. Haverkamp brought the greetings from District Administrator Dr. Joachim Bläse and explained the Ostalb region slogan "multisided - swabian - capable". This motto describes the location and the traditions of the region and at the same time conveys the feeling that the region has great skills and abilities that go hand in hand with its economic strength, because it is home to internationally leading companies, excellent universities and a remarkable number of patents. The wish of district administrator Dr. Bläse, according to Dr. Haverkamp, is also that students should be able to experience the broad spectrum of activities in the region, the commitment and the diversity of the people who live here, as well as the resulting multicultural society, which promotes a remarkable welcoming culture and the cultivation of exceptional hospitality.

Pascal Cromm, Head of the International Relation Office at Aalen University, added that the Honorary Ambassador Program of the Ostwürttemberg region is based on the knowledge that foreign students can only study successfully if they feel comfortable and integrated in their new study and living environment. By participating in various activities and interacting with many people, international students in the Honorary Ambassador Program could quickly integrate into the university and society. They came to know and appreciate their field of study and environment. This, he says, creates a deeper bond between them and the region - an important prerequisite for later assuming the role of honorary ambassador abroad.

International students from the region's four state universities are encouraged to participate in the program each semester. Among other things, they will attend events such as German language courses, non-curricular events at local universities, subject-related excursions, professional or academic network events, and events organized by local cultural and sports clubs. Student ambassadors are also expected to volunteer their time.

More than 200 international students from over 30 countries and four continents have now taken part in the region's honorary ambassador program, and the number will increase in the future, according to Will Levi, international coordinator at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The two universities plan to hold more joint events together of course with the University of Education in Schwäbisch Gmünd and the DHBW Heidenheim as well. The program is coordinated by the International Relation Office at Aalen University.