New in the teamThree questions for Antony Hubert

New in the team: Antony Hubert

We welcome Antony Hubert to the LAZ team! The 22-year-old has traveled almost 7700 kilometers to Aalen University. The AMM student comes from the Kanyakumari district in India and will be working on the production of soft magnetic materials using laser additive manufacturing as part of his research master's degree at LAZ. He lives in the student dormitory in Aalen and, in his free time, enjoys doing sports like badminton or football and reading.

Andrea Heidel (AH): Welcome to Germany, Antony! Where are you from, and why are you studying in Aalen?

Antony Hubert (AH): I am from the Kanyakumari district, which is located at the southern tip of India. I am completely new to Germany, and it has always been my dream to come to Germany for my higher studies. My parents have always been my driving force. The course „Advanced Materials and Manufacturing“ made an excellent impression because it completely focuses on the research part, which is completely contradictory to the regular master's program. The research carried out by the students along with the professors in the field of materials is mesmerizing. And, it is great to have a dedicated building for research purposes and the laboratories, along with the machinery, are highly advanced to work with. These are the influencing reasons.

AH: And why did you decide to work at the LAZ?

AH: I have already worked with laser sintering technology to manufacture bio-compatible materials during my bachelor's thesis. But, back in India, we don't have high-end laser additive manufacturing machines to work with. It has always been a great challenge to manufacture complex shapes using controlled parameters. I always wanted to explore more in this field. The manufacturing possibilities by using the machines at the LAZ are vast. So, I am excited to continue the work using multiple and high-end manufacturing machines to achieve higher success rates in our research process. Hopefully, together we can reach new heights.

AH: What tasks will you have here in the future, and what are you looking forward to the most?

AH: As of now, I have started to work on manufacturing soft magnetic materials using laser additive manufacturing, which can be used in advanced applications, along with my supervisor, David Kolb, and the LAZ team. I am looking forward to exploring more about laser technology and integrating a lot of ideas to manufacture complex materials and parts.

AH: Good luck in your studies and at LAZ!