New in the teamThree questions for Eliene Oliveira Lucas

Tu, 22. March 2022

Andrea Heidel (AH): We are delighted to welcome you to Germany and to Aalen, Eliene! Is this your first time here and what are your first impressions?

Eliene Oliveira Lucas (EOL): I have been to Germany before in 2002, in Thuringia at the TU-Ilmenau, where I did research in the field of materials science. But this is my first time in Aalen and at the moment I am still trying to overcome the jet lag. But it seems to be a nice and pleasant city. I would like to get a bike soon and do some tours around the area. 

AH: What are you doing in Brazil and what brought you to LAZ?

EOL: I actually teach machining process at the Federal University of Vicosa (UFV) in Minas Gerais, Brazil. I am a full-time employee of the Brazilian government in education and in 2022 I took my sabbatical. Previously, I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Master and Doctor) in Santa Catarina, Brazil. In addition, I graduated from Pontifícia University in Minas Gerais in Brazil with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. And now I felt like learning about new technologies - I am most interested in laser material processing. I thank Prof. Dr. Harald Riegel very much, because his invitation gave me this wonderful opportunity. I would also like to thank Pascal Cromm and Antje Discher from the International Office of Aalen University for their support!

AH: What are your concrete plans for your stay here? 

EOL: I would like to expand my knowledge of laser technologies and will be doing research in additive manufacturing, surface post-processing and laser polishing. Then I would like to write some papers on that. And I want to learn German better so I can talk to people more easily. And of course I'm looking forward to making new friends and getting to know the German culture better.

AH: Thank you and have a good time here at LAZ!