The First Double-Degree Aalen StudentsAalen University and the University of Turku in Finland are rewarding certificates

Mann im gelben Pullover steht vor Plakat.

Nikolaos Papadopolous is doing a master’s degree at Aalen University, after he has completed his double degree in Aalen and Turku. Photo credit: © Aalen University| Tim Schöllkopf

Th, 25. November 2021

Daniel Wieland and Nikolaos Papadopolous are the first students at Aalen University to receive their degrees in International Sales Management and Technology in Aalen as well as their degrees from the University of Turku in Finland at the same time. During the two simultaneous completions of their degrees, these students gathered international experience and cultural knowledge as well.

Daniel Wieland and Nikolaos Papadopolous had always been interested in foreign cultures and people. They seized the opportunity to complete their degrees in Turku while they studied at Aalen University at the same time. Daniel Wieland heard about this new offer during his first year in Aalen in 2017. “Prof. Dr. Christian Uhl told me about the arrangement that was in the making,” remembered Wieland. In November 2019, he and Nikolaos Papadopolous applied together as the first students at Aalen University for this double degree program. “I did the application from Vietnam because I was interning with Mercedes Benz there. Niko was in South Korea then. We were on the other side of the globe and were already thinking about Turku,” said Wieland smiling.

Daniel Wieland describes his studies in Turku as challenging but also as enjoyable. As the first students from Aalen, they had to struggle with many practical issues. It was great that Wieland and Papadopolous always received help when they needed it. That’s why all their work was worth it. The best moments in Turku were the opportunities to get to know Finnish people and other exchange students. During his studies, Daniel Wieland also traveled to Lapland. “We met many people that we can call good friends, attended interesting lectures, and improved our own skills. The international internship semester during our studies was one of the best times of our lives,” concluded Wieland and Papadopolous.

Nikolaos Papadopolous has just started his master’s degree at Aalen University. “My interest in technology and the excellent reputation of Aalen University motivated me to continue studying in Aalen,” explained Papadopolous. Daniel Wieland is already planning a master’s degree too, but he would like to have work experience first. He wrote his Bachelor’s thesis with Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH and works now in technical sales in the international automotive company. “The opportunities for our students in the labor market are very good, as successful graduates who also gained international experience during their studies can quickly find their way in internationally active companies,” explained Dr. Christian Uhl, co-initiator of the double degree program with the University of Turku.

More Information:

The double degree agreement between theTurku University of Appliead Sciences and Aalen University was created in 2019 by Rauni Jaskari from Turku, Prof. Dr. Jobst Görne and Prof. Dr. Christian Uhl from Aalen University. Aalen University as well as Turku University of Applied Sciences have cooperated for years in the Academic Association of Sales Engineering (AASE). That was how the idea developed to complete the double degree agreement between the universities. In the past, students also took part in the exchange program between the universities.