A Doctorate successfully Completed in ScotlandJulian Schlosser pushes research in the fields of AI and lightweight engineering forward at Aalen University

The newly made Doctor Julian Schlosser (pictured right) together with his doctoral supervisor Dr. Wolfgang Rimkus

Fr, 28. August 2020

Research assistant Julian Schlosser from Aalen University’s Technology Center Lightweight Construction successfully completed his doctorate program at Glasgow Caledonian University. The title of his dissertation: „An Analysis of the Hotforming Process for High Strength Aluminium Sheet Metal Alloys”. Such building components made of high-strength aluminum alloys are applied in car body parts by means of heat reshaping. In a similar way, the next steps for the new doctor are already solidified: Schlosser will bring his new experiences from his research activity to the fields of artificial intelligence and lightweight engineering.

After his Bachelor’s studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering / Production and Management, and his research Master degree programme „Advanced Materials and Manufacturing“ at Aalen University, Julian Schlosser has worked at the Technology Center Lightweight Construction since 2016, a joint institution between the city Schwäbisch Gmünd, the University of Design Schwäbisch Gmünd, the Research Institute for Precious Metals and Chemistry and Aalen University. He was also able to gain experiences in the field of reshaping high-strength aluminum alloys through his work as the project manager in the R&D department of Voestalpine Automotive Components in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

His dissertation was supervised by Prof. David K. Harrison, Dr. Martin Macdonald (both from Glasgow Caledonian University) and Dr. Wolfgang Rimkus, director of the Technology Center Lightweight Construction. „Well done“, according to the comments from Prof. David K. Harrison.

Dr. David J. Petty from Manchester Metropolitan University asked about Schlosser’s future plans during the dissertation defense. Julian Schlosser answered very clearly: „I see myself working in the fields of lightweight engineering and simulation. I was able to gain so much experience through my doctoral programme and other activities at Aalen University and the company Voestalpine, which I now want to bring into future research activities in the fields of artificial intelligence and lightweight engineering“.

Photo Credits: © Aalen University / Serkan Mouchtar