US Consul General Visited Aalen UniversityGlobalization, Going Green, and Research

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Vice President Prof. Dr. Heinz-Peter Bürkle briefly welcomed US Consul General, Patricia Lacina to Aalen University.

We, 24. July 2019

In the course of her visit to Schubart-Gymnasium Aalen, to the program Going Green, and to the student exchange, the American Consul General, Patricia Lacina was also at Aalen University as a guest. She was impressed by the activities in the areas of stability, globalization, and research.

It is already a small tradition for the US Consul General to visit Schubart-Gymnasium Aalen, and the University as well. The cooperation between both institutions is maintained by Bettina Schönherr and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Holzbaur through the projects Going Green and Grüner Aal. On behalf of the President, Prof. Dr. Heinz-Peter Bürkle welcomed Consul General and her co-workers to the university. He presented the activities of the university, including research, teaching, and globalization. Especially interesting were the diverse relations to the universities in the United States and the whole world. America, as a whole, is also the primary region for internship semesters abroad.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Holzbaur presented Aalen University’s sustainability activities and projects. Especially interesting for Lacina were the activities in the education sectors and the cooperation with emerging nations, such as the simulation game in entrepreneurship and sustainability with South Africa.

Research and Transfer

On subsequent tours, a few labs were visited; at the IMFAA, the Institute for Materials Research, the Consul General could inquire about materials research and artificial intelligence. A short visit to the explorhino showed the many possibilities of education in scientific fields and gave ideas for a joint project of technical education and sustainability. At the model of the geological structure of the Swabian Alb, Holzbaur briefly presented the UNESCO-Geopark Swabian Alb, the Aalenium as a globally known stratum, and the diversity of the industries in the Aalen area. After a round of discussions in Schubart-Gymnasium, teachers and students went together on a small hike, in which they walked around the university’s campus. The conclusion at the Schubart-Gymnasium served as the exchange of ideas between the Consul General, Schubart-Gymnasium, and the university.