„Maintaining Contact in Russia is Important“Professors and Students from Saratov as Guests at Aalen University

Image 678 181220 delegation saratov

Aalen University maintains its exchange with Saratov State University, which belongs to the most renowned universities of Russia.

Th, 20. Dezember 2018

Aalen University stays in contact with Saratov Socio-Economic Institute. Professors and students from Russia recently visited the department International Business Studies.

The university in Saratov belongs to the most renowned in Russia; it was recently combined with one of the most traditional universities in Moscow. A visit to Russia this year maintains the mutual exchange between professors and students. The guests were greeted with a varied programme. After a short greeting from the vice dean of research, Prof. Dr. Robert Rieg, the Russian guests got a technical glimpse into the field of International Accounting from Prof. Dr. Reinhard Heyd. Then followed an introduction of Saratov Socio-Economic Institute for students of Aalen, as well as a lecture from Prof. Jürgen Strauß regarding trademark protection in Europe. “For students in the degree programme International Business Studies, contact in Russia is especially attractive, as Russia is the biggest country in terms of area, separated from Europe by the Ural Mountains, thus offering a different culture, language and religion”, says Strauß. Russia also joined the Bologna Process, and adjusted its study programmes to the Bachelor and Master system.

Finally, discussions took place about further shared research projects for students and professors of both Aalen University and Saratov State University, so that contact may continue into the future.