Promoting Talent and Business in AfricaCooperation between Aalen and Mozambique

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Aalen University welcomes visitors from Mozambique (from left to right): President Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider, Pascal Cromm, Director of the International Relations Office, Prof. Dr. Alberto Ferreira, President of the Catholic University of Mozambique, Amuji Suleimane Esep, Mayor of Vilankulo, Siegfried Lingel, Honorary General Consul of the Republic of Mozambique, Prof. Dr. Harald Riegel, Vice-President for International Affairs and Joaquim Mucavele, Desk Officer for Siegfried Lingel.

Mo, 23. July 2018

Aalen University is getting involved in Mozambique, together with the city Aalen. After a delegation from Aalen visited Africa, a return visit from Mozambique is now underway. The university sees great potential in the field of digitalisation through the cooperation.

“As a university, we want and need to be more engaged in Africa, and support its economic development”, emphasizes University-President Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider and continues; “we can’t afford not to promote and utilise the talents there. Africa is a huge future market”. Above all, Schneider sees great potential in the field of digitalisation through the cooperation with Mozambique. There is already a functioning infrastructure with schools and qualified teachers, thanks to the engagement from Siegfried Lingel, Honorary General Consul of the Republic of Mozambique.

There are also projects planned with the Catholic University of Mozambique in Beira. Its president, Prof. Dr. Alberto Ferreira recently visited Aalen University. Together with Schneider, he signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” as the basis for further cooperation of both institutions. “We are building upon three pillars”, says Ferreira; “Teaching, research and spreading knowledge”. Among these, support for start-ups is also included in its focus.

“Our cooperation with Mozambique offers new chances for both sides. We have projects, but are missing professionals. Africa is the youngest continent with talented and interested people. We want to identify these talents, develop and support them, and then get them involved in different projects, above all in the field of digitalisation”, says President Schneider. This keeps the value created in Mozambique, and strengthens its economic competitiveness.


Pictures: Copyright by Aalen University / Janine Soika