For the future of NepalNepalese student at Aalen University supports her home country

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Neben ihrem Studium arbeitet Asu Rayamajhi bei Govinda und hilft, die Situation in ihrem Heimatland Nepal zu verbessern.

Mo, 24. October 2016

The Aalen club Govinda e.V. advocates for the poor and suffering people in Nepal. Asu Rayamajhi comes from Nepal and knows that the people in her home country urgently need every kind of support available. Besides her studies at Aalen University, she works for Govinda to improve the situation of her compatriots.

Asu Rayamajhi has been in Aalen since 2013, and she studies Optometry at the University. In addition to her studies she works at Govinda and helps to improve the situation in her home country. With Johannes Hiller, from Aalen University, she talked about her work and motivation.

How did the contact to Govinda come about?

The contact came about through a student in February, 2014. The action group Aalen from Govinda organized a "Fairytale Nepalese dinner” and asked me to help. I was very happy to share my knowledge of the Nepalese cuisine, and so we cooked together and had a lot of fun. I had already heard of the effective development projects of Govinda in Nepal. So of course it was natural for me to help. Through this club I have met a lot of nice and loving employees of Govinda. Through them, I feel very at home in Aalen. I am grateful and happy that I came in contact with Govinda e.V.

Why do you support Govinda?

I know the problems in my country Nepal very well. The people live in great poverty and health care is unfortunately very bad. Many Nepalese children have no chance to go to school. After the earthquakes last year, the situation has worsened dramatically. I appreciate that the people here in Germany stand up for my people. The projects of Govinda are well thought out, they are fighting the causes of poverty and they are targeted towards the sustainable development of Nepal. I think it's great how fast Govinda helped the people of Nepal after the earthquake. In the first weeks 55 tons of food, tents, and blankets were brought to the people affected by the earthquake. Meanwhile, 104 earthquake-resistant houses were built with smokeless stoves. The construction of these houses was carried out together with the affected families in "owner-driven reconstruction". It was very important for Govinda to involve the families in the building. They could contribute to the planning of the houses and were able to contribute 20% of the cost provided with their own labor or building materials.

What projects do you currently support?

I support all projects of Govinda: the orphanage, the school, the reintegration project, the training center, various community projects, the school sponsorship program and the youth organization. The sustainability of the projects is illustrated by the first orphans who are, after completion of training, active now too and work on an own project in southern Nepal in Makwanpur.


Govinda was nominated for the German Prize for Engagement this year. This audience award has been awarded since 2009 and is endowed with 10,000 euros. Carrier of the award is the alliance for common public interest[RMWhite2] . With the money that they received Govinda wants to extend the already established training center in Nepal with the training course electrics. Thus they can give young people in Nepal the chance to feed their families. Under you can vote for Govinda. The online voting runs until 31st of October.