Welcome to the Bachelor Degree programme in Industrial Engineering (W)

The Bachelor programme in Industrial Engineering (W) is a future- and practise-oriented study programme that is well established at University of Applied Sciences Aalen (UAS Aalen) strongest in research in Baden-Württemberg.

The Bachelor programme in Industrial Engineering is accredited since 2008 and continuously represented in the top flight of expressive rankings. For example, our study programme entered the current CHE ranking for universities of 2014 with good results and is among the top 20 universities of Germany.

Industrial Engineering is a field where technology and economy meet. Thanks to its practice-oriented courses, this programme provides a skill set that enables graduates to work in any of a variety of operational areas in almost all departments where technological requirements merge with those of business management.

It provides:

  • interdisciplinary combination of technology and economy
  • the latest practice-oriented curriculum and teaching methods  
  • short study times without renouncing a solid practical and theoretical qualification
  • high starting salary, currently (2017) at average of 47.325 € per year, see Absolventa

The Bachelor of Engineering degree (B. Eng.) in Industrial Engineering makes our graduates sought-after candidates for entry into large companies abroad or into first-class regional companies.

From the winter semester of 2008/2009 our faculty offers the Master of Engineering (M. Eng.) degree programme in Industrial Management.