Program Content

The scientific educational program includes Polymer Materials, Polymer Physics, Polymer Testing, Polymer Design, and Polymer Processing, Mold Design and CAD/CAM / Simulations lectures and training in laboratories.

Educational Format and Didactical Concept

The master program comprises three semesters.

Two semesters studies target on the polymer technology related subjects, providing the students thorough knowledge of polymers, their physical properties and applications, polymer testing, how to design polymer products and molds, on polymer processing and related techniques as well as on simulation.

One semester is required for the elaboration of the master thesis. The thesis can be written either at Aalen University, at one of the international academic partners institutions or in cooperation with industry.


Our academics and research activities intend the students to achieve expertise in the application of scientific and engineering principles to develop novel material concepts, new polymeric products, production technologies and troubleshooting capabilities related to the use, processing and recycling of polymers.