Welcome to the Graduate Masters Degree Programme in Industrial Management (M.Eng.)

Our consecutive 3-semester full-time Master of Engineering in Industrial Management programme addresses highly motivated engineers and graduates of technological degree programmes in economic sciences who want to

  • develop personally,
  • work in management positions of high responsibility or
  • work in leading positions.

Not only are you equipped with technological, but also with management skills. This enables you to operate in private economy, in civil service and in society.

The academically sound yet application-oriented postgraduate programme provides skills and knowledge from the areas

· Engineering

· Business Management/Marketing

· Management

and concludes with the Master thesis and the academic degree of Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) at the Aalen University of Applied Sciences (Aalen UAS).

Admission for the first semester is possible in the winter semester or the summer semester. The number of participants is limited. This allows intensive delving into the demanding contents and guarantees efficient learning.